Due to circumstances completely within my control, posting will be very sporadic over the next few weeks.

In a nutshell, I goofed up right and proper and have to spend some time making good again.

No, nothing too bad or long term.. just ... well, it'll take a while to fix.

Feel free to "dumbass" me in the comments. Trust me, I deserve it.

My Haul

Well, part of it anyway. The blog-relative stuff. I got other, more personal things, too.

I must've been very very good.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Merry X-Mas

We'll be taking a break through the next week...

Best wishes to all of you and yours.

Now, enjoy some cartoons...

And, just because I was playing mandolin in a band that covered this last week (and quite well, I might add)... My favorite Christmas song:

Merry Christmas, fellows.


Y'know what would have been Awesome?!?

Yeah, it's a shoddy job. But it's still awesome.

Weekend Wrap-up

Things that made me happy this week:

Jack gives Hydra a Wet Willie.

J.H. Williams, with an easy throw-away detail of him eating, draws one of the best Jonah Hex character moments I've seen in a while. I mean.. Euggh!

Mr. Popular drew this. Total awesomeness a Go-Go!

I bought a Giant-Size Jimmy Olsen in which this actually happens for only a buck. And it's not the craziest thing that happens in it. Not by a long shot.

Season 2, Bout 4 tomorrow night! The Roller Girl's very own Devil's Darlings vs. those doomed-before-it-starts B-Town Battalion!

Oh .. and we're expecting several inches of snow tonight. Contrary to popular belief, it really doesn't snow much here in Boise. Surrounding area? Yeah. In the city proper? Not so much. So.. looking forward to that.

(It's actually quite funny early in the morning when I let the dogs out to do their business after a nightly snowfall.. they run full tilt outside, then stop suddenly in the middle of the yard, look around confused then back at me with an expression like, "Did YOU do this?!?")

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

By the way... The devil girl in the Darling's logo? Yeah, that's Bettie.

So Long

Bettie Page, 1923-2008
...and thanks.

Previews Want

Noticed in the latest Previews, via Sims:


Written by: Lisa Titan and Nader Absood
Illustrated by: Dennis Culver
Colors by: Pamela Rambo
32 pages, standard, full color interiors

Goodie Two-Skates is missing! And who are these new skaters–the freakishly perfect freshies that have suddenly shown up? The Wheels of Justice have to find Goodie and get to the bottom of this mystery before Nationals, or the Icy Blonde will succeed in corrupting the team forever!

So, yeah... I'll be getting a few copies of that. So should you.

Pack Smash!

So, I picked up a copy of the digest version of Marvel Adventures: Hulk / Powerpack on the cheap (read: free) the other day at my LCS's anniversary sale. And, while it's no Marvel Adventures: Anything Written by Jeff Parker, it's a pretty fun li'l read. It'll make a great stocking stuffer for when the Roller Girl's li'l monster comes to visit. Why, parts of it are gosh-darn adorable....

For 'zample:

Jack outsmarts Dr. Banner!



Ahem... KATIE-HULK!!!

A story title joke SOMEONE should've done before.
(man, that's funny. Or, it's just me.)

But, to my mind, all of this goodness pales in comparison to the book's climatic battle between the Hulk and the Avengers! The big buildup leading to the colossal smackdown! The absolute battle royale that, even though we've seen it a hundred times before, always kicks us square in the gamma-fueled gonads of justice!

(Hey! I just channeled the Tick! Spoon!)


That's freggin' awesome, right there! Part of me wishes it could go on for several panels.

Oh, what the heck...

*Sigh* That's good stuff!

Christ! You know it ain't easy

Another quickie, untouched weird cover. In case you couldn't tell, I'm kinda in low content mode for the holidays. And other stuff. It's complicated.

Anyway ... from the "What the Hell?!? Wait.. I'd totally buy that" files...

Yeah, I'll keep an eye out for that one. I hope it's an Eros title..

With Thoughts

Best wishes, girl. From all of us.

Story, in case you missed it.

It's an Ackbar!

Alright, let's get right to it.. I'm all-agiggling already with this one...


Hahahaha! Get it? It's a Boobie Trap! Bwahahaha! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes!

And ladies? That would totally work.


And, we're back! Back with a quickie, but back.

Apparently the holidays don't end after the actual "holiday." I'm still cleaning up and putting things away. And of course, preparing for the next holiday. But, I'll have 2 weeks off for that one. Not that I want to take 2 weeks off, but there we are.

Anywhoo... Here's more fun with romance comics...

Man, my new home theater kicks ass.

If I ever do get a big ta-do home theater? I want a full selection of stock footage. For occasions like that.

Gobble Gobble!

Happy T-Day, everyone!

Boy, has it ever been busy around here.. I'm having to cook for everyone this year! Well, cook everything except the turkey, anyway.

That still leaves so much to do! I have to make the potatoes, cream the corn, splinter the beans, stuff the stuffing, fix the drinks, bake the desserts, arrange the house, clean everything, and .. well, there's a *lot* of work. Li'l ol' domestic me. Jeepers!

So, I'll most likely be much too occupied to post anything new until Monday .. unless something really interesting happens. Like Apes riding Pterodactyls or something. I should be able to continue regularly posting after that, though. Hopefully.

Gosh, where to start? And, I could use some help! Hey, Hulk!?!? You wanna start with something? Help me out? What could you do?

OK, that'll do!

Have a great holiday, kiddies ... and remember to be thankful. Really thankful. We forget how amazing we have it sometimes.

God bless.

Couldn't be better

I'd just like to mention that last night's episode of the utterly fantastic new cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold was an entire story where Batman and Plastic Man teamed up to fight Gorilla Grodd and his Apes in the Savage Land to save all of the Caribbean from evolving into simian mind slaves.

And there was a scene where Batman and Plastic Man fought laser gun totin' apes riding Pterodactyls.

And at one point, Batman became BatApe.

So, yeah. They got my letter.

I am so very very impressed with this absolutely fun li'l cartoon! I dare you not to smile while watching it!

If I Only Had the Time

Another quickie with "Lisa & Sluggo:"

Part of me wants to take the time to photoshop a mash-up combining this and that last L&S cover.

But that would only end in tears. Tears and an FBI watch list. But I'm pretty sure my Google hits would go up...

Oh, how bad it would be.

Things Not Meant to Ponder On

Life's still far, far too chaotic around here for my own good. And for decent blog posts.

Here's a disturbing cover from a Swedish "Lisa & Sluggo" to better kink out my kharmic zenniness.

I have no idea either. But it is disturbing.

Especially (I think) if you (she's) have my (naked) mindset.

Brrr.... *shudder*...

Busy, busy, busy

Another day, another missed opportunity to poke fun at wacky comics. Unfortunately, strange days and awkward restructuring at work is forcing me to spend less time goofing around with funnybooks these days. Plus, there's that whole "Holiday" thing...

I'm going to be quite busy in the upcoming weeks, and well.. badly-rendered photoshops will be taking a back door for a bit. Gotta take care of the home front, ya know. So, I'll blog when I can, and I promise to try and keep the quickies coming, at least. Case in point:

Spotted in Jack of Fables #25..

Now, where have I seen that guy before.... Seems awfully familiar...

Oh, yeah! Love that guy!

Huh. Didn't know he was in Idaho...

(And, I have no idea if it *really* is Dr. Fright. But I hope so.)

Keeps on Giving

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday. I was in the emergency room for most of the afternoon. Nothing serious - just a long, long day ending with an official, "Huh. Don't know what it is, then..."

Still.. I got some free rubber gloves! And tongue depressors! And Bio-chemical hazardous waste in a handy disposable bag!


Anyway, here's Lois again:

In spite of Superman's reassurances, there's no such thing as "Kryptonite Herpes."

That may be my favorite sentence of the week. I think I'm going to work it into a conversation later.

Your Want List

Hey Kiddies! Heads up!

Even if I only give lip service to the original premise of The Want List, and completely blow off recommending Gud Comiks, I would be completely remiss if I didn't give you a reason to read Marvel Adventures any time Jeff Parker writes it. I don't care if it's an "All-Ages" book... trust me on this one. Look! And laugh!

I added this bit. S'funny.

So, yeah. You want that.

More? Alright... There's this:
And it all ends when Galactus learns to eat his broccoli.


EDIT: Completely forgot to mention that all of the above is from the Marvel Adventures #26. My bad.


I'll be recovering for a bit. Stupid change in the weather....

In the meantime, go check out Sea of Green's write-up of Batman #222 - The Beatle-iest caper ever cape crusaded!

It's Gear!


Happy 4-Year United States Lesser of Two Evils Rotation day!

Gonna be aggravating as hell. Be prepared.


I love bacon. Don't you?

Gonna go eat. I just got a new dishwasher and feel like trying it out. Bacon-style!

(Aww... shoot! I left an outline over Porky's hand. Oh well...)


Happy Halloween, kiddies! I'm in the midst of dressing up for tonight's various appearances... gotta a lot of spirit gum, rigid collodian and fake hair to go through. Oh, and a Derby bout with the after parties. So, only a quickie this time.

But first...

Oh, my!

Mr. P: Showoff.

(I keed - thanks for the followup!)

And now...

Click 1st pic for biggie

Have lots of spooky goddamn fun tonight, everyone!


Ah, Little Lulu! The world just doesn't understand you.

Tubby was confused and slightly embarrassed about what he took to be naughty lettering on Lulu's underpants.

If only he knew how to read Braille.

Goodnight, everyone! Tip your waitress!

There's a market for these, mark my words. And remember me my residuals.

Don't Encourage Him

How jokes escalate:

OK, you're searching for some wacky Halloween cover to make a joke about when you find one to which your (admittedly) perverted and juvenile mind can only take one way - down the bawdy path. Or, as I refer to it: "The Road Well-Traveled." So.. you go that way and add the joke's necessary ball gag and realize that because you're putting it on a pig, it really should be an apple. See, that's more of the funny. Then, when adding the tag-line joke, you similarly notice that it really should be stuttered. Triple the f-f-f-funny!

AHA! We have achieved the funny! But wait, there's more!

See, now that I'm done with it, I realize that I have a fantastic one panel joke buried here. If only I could draw. I can't. Not well, anyway. Maybe someone can.

Picture this (and be forewarned):

Bedroom scene. Porky Pig chained, bondage-wise, to the bed. He's obviously been worked over - lashes, bruises, sweat, ball-gag askew.. you get it. Standing over him, Petunia is dressed to the bondagey nines. I'm trying not to think too hard about it, actually. Anyway, she's still in the middle of whipping poor Porky who can't stutter out the overly complicated code-word to get her to stop!

Hahahaha! I kill me.


Oh, and for you kids scoring at home: Perverted bawdy ball-gag, bedroom chained worked over bruises, sweat bondagey code-word.

Hi, Googlers!


Hey Kids! Guess what's coming up this weekend! Halloween! Yay! Let's try for a theme week! Why the hell not...

Know your neighbors! Stay safe!

*Yes, Peeps Spooky Cats exist. They're yummy.

Everyone in the Pool!

Still in low-content mode. Actually, I was in court yesterday for several hours and just didn't feel like doing anything else after that massive bureaucratic waste of time. Gosh, I hope these guys can somehow be put in charge of my health care! Ug.

Look for something new later this weekend - I'm working on several (read: Two) longer photoshop thingies, both of which are making me laugh as I do them. Hope they turn out like envisioned. And are less work than I think they'll be.

In the meantime, here's a disturbing Jughead panel to ponder over:

Captions welcomed.

Happy weekend, everyone!

3rd Time's the Burning Charm!

Eh, what the heck... let's make it a three-fer...

Oh, you! Jughead! Always with the Zingers!

The next time you're with your sweetie and spot a bad hairpiece... remember this one! You don't get that set-up very often, kids!

(You can blame it on me. I can take it.)

Archie Plays for Keeps

I really didn't set out to start STD Week at The Want List.

Really, I didn't. But, you gotta go where the river takes ya! And something about Jughead's reaction just made the joke too easy to ignore.

And I love, LOVE! Archie's bemused look. That's the capper. You lose a bet with Archie, you lose a bet with everyone he's ever lost a bet with. And now you know.

(And there's an ironic parallel here involving unintentional blog jokes and unwanted STDs, I'm sure. But I choose to ignore it.)


Still on low content, house-hunting mode. But a few of the houses we're checking out are looking better than before. No batpoles as of yet.

In the meantime, here's a zinger from Veronica:

Ha Ha! Zing!!

(Is it wrong that I could spell 'Chlamydia' without dictionary help? I'm trying not to think about it.)

Vigilance. Chastity. Faith.

So, yeah. I own an issue of Areala: Warrior Nun. Don't judge me*.

Surprisingly, you don't have to change much to have a giggle or two. Wonder if I have any more...


Hey, Areala... remember the Immaculate Reception? 4th and long? What would you have done?

Ah... should've figured you'd play a bit more conservatively.

* judge away!