Surprised he didn't eat her...

Offered with no extra commentary. I gots other things to do.

Earlier That Day...

Actually, that worked pretty well! Oh, you Jughead!

EDIT: It works better when flipped. And sorry for the lack of biggie on the GL page. I don't own that particular issue.

Who Watches the Classmates

Well, they released another teaser image from the upcoming Watchmen movie. I gotta say, I'm real impressed with it:

I have a love / hate relationship with these things. I know deep down in my cynical heart of hearts that the movie will fall drastically short of my (admittedly, very high) expectations towards any attempt to put Watchmen to film. But then something like this gets released that makes my heart grow a few sizes larger and I find myself really wanting this thing to succeed. Though it won't. Not to me. Prove me wrong, Mr. Snyder - please.

Anyway, because of the spammy ads in the corner of the site where I first saw the Minutemen photo, you get these:

Now sleep time.

Jonah Hex #31: Life Lessons

Another month, another fantastic issue of everyone's favorite BadAss: Jonah Hex. A few things to mention. Because some people never learn.

Jonah Hex will not hide behind a mask. Fact is, he does not like them very much. Do not make him wear one.

Furthermore, do not try to shoot Jonah Hex with his own gun. It will not go well and you will only have yourself to blame for the inevitable consequence.

Told you so.

And finally, if Jonah Hex allows you to survive this far, don't be smug about it. Seriously.

*sigh* They never learn.

Dandy Friday

Now sickness free!

...well, almost. Still fuzzy-headed from all the sinus meds. But lucid enough to post another panel from Capt'n Crossdresser and Fopish Boy:

Take another look at Cap, there in the first panel. That's amazing.

Doesn't actually instill fear in the criminal underworld though, does it?

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thill Thick. Thoot me dow.

Well, still sick. This sucks. Time to re-med.


But before I pass out, I can at least post some more wacky cross-dressing exploits from Captain Dandy and Li'l Boy Foppinshire.

I really must get a better copy of this story.


Heh... straighten out once gay Paris. In those get-ups. That's funny.

Sick for Monday

Just a quick note to apologize for no recent posts - we're all sick over here. It's phlegm-tastic. Really.

Back to regular posts once the medicine wears off, I promise.

In the meantime, here's Captain America and Bucky dressing up for a trip overseas:

Oh, there's more to it than that. It's really kinda disturbing.

Derby Day

Today is the night of the Treasure Valley Roller Girls' Championship Bout!

AKA: The Mayday Massacre

So I'm off to officiate the score while SexyNerdGirl acts as rink girl. Or as we affectionately call her, "The Score Whore." It's a lot of fun, and hopefully we'll get through a bout without a major injury this time. Keep your fingers crossed.

I tells ya, these goils is tuff!

See ya tomorrow!

Shout her Name and Steal her Clothes

Still sick (now with added fever goodness!) and feeling kinda grumpy in general, so allow me to share the mood with all the fellahs and illustrate through crappy photoshop exactly why Veronica is out of your league:

Stick with Betty, trust me. Much more attainable.

(Tell me you wouldn't want ol' Dan's initial sketches of that cover. Hommina hommina...)

Cheap Jokes Monday

Feelin' a bit under the weather today, (trust me - you don't want any details. Suffice it to say that my scrubbing bubbles are working overtime...) so in lieu of a real post, here's a ribald quickie and an out of context funny. Because, let's face it, we all love toilet humor and bad comics innuendo. Laugh with me! HAHAHA!

Over the weekend the Roller Girl and I went to our local dollar store looking for cheap household supplies, as is our wont. The cashier had just about finished ringing everything up* when I noticed something on the impulse rack, immediately grabbed it and tossed it into the basket. RG asked me what it was:

Me: One of those magic towels that they compress into the size of a quarter until you soak it in hot water and PRESTO! Instant washcloth! They're kinda fun for a minute or so. These are planet of the solar system themed.
RG: Oh? Which one did you get?
Me: You've been dating me HOW long?!?
RG: ... Y'know, I knew the answer as the question was leaving my lips. *Sigh*

Among the witticisms currently being yelled from my morning showers:

"Sweetie? Where did you put the towel for Uranus?"
"I need your opinion - should I dirty up the guests towels, or Uranus?!?"
"Hey!! I think this towel is dirty. There's a something crusty on Uranus."
"Wow! The warm water really makes Uranus grow!"
"HAHA! You know what sticks to the wall if you soap it up enough?!? ... ??? Sweetie?!? ... Ya wanna know?!? ... Hello...??"

Or variations on that theme. We're all about class here at Casa De Soup!

And speaking of classy, here's the best out-of-context comic balloon you'll read this week**:
Yes, Superman. Be very, very glad.

* By the way... The cash register at the DOLLAR STORE (Y'know where everything has the SAME PRICE) was full-sized with a full-sized keyboard that sported about 50 keys. Between the cashier, RG and myself, I'm the only one that thought this was funny. So much so that I was laughing as I asked what all those other keys were for. Y'know.. in a DOLLAR STORE.

** Unless you read CMNS.

Initially Unintentional Betty Week Continues!

Everyone remember their high school science fair? Boy, I do! I once proved that computer generated random numbers are not, in fact, truly random! Science!! Whee!!! In hindsight, this proof would have been a lot more useful:

C'mon.. we all knew Veronica swung that way!
...not to mention the research and multiple testing involved. And the need to have a reliable control group. Science!!

Speaking of high school, SexyNerdGirl has talked me into attending some kind of "Adult Prom" radio event thing this weekend. I anticipate a lot of drinking and carousing while grooving to late 80s alt-rock radio schlock.

Prediction? Umm... Finest Worksong, Lovesong and 99 Red Balloons in heavy rotation.

Oh, and I'm in charge of my own formal wear.

She doesn't have the slightest idea of what she's in for. Really.

(Pictures? Possibly...)

By the way ... if you haven't already checked out Evan Dorkin's new Milk and Cheese strip... well, bad things might happen to you. It's funny.
Bonus: Furries. Lots of 'em.

(You totally read "Adult Porn" up there, didn't you?)

Romani Ite Domum

These Betty covers are kinda fun! Maybe I'll do Veronica next week! Or Big Ethel!

How's everyone's Latin?

Yes, I was just the kind of High School dork that would try these things routinely.

(They never worked. *Sigh*)

16 Bit Graphic Naughtyness

No time to post a long construction - It's turned into a gorgeous day and I've got a hankering for a long bike ride in the park. Make that an Ol' fashioned canine bike pull if I take the doggies. Or, as I like to call it, an Urban Iditarod.

So here's a Betty quick joke. But don't worry ... it's a naughty Betty quick joke...

Yes, Betty. Yes you can.

(Kinda gives me a craving for Old School Leisure Suit Larry. Maybe I'll download that old classic for later...)

(And check out the other girl 's reaction... Sly? Wry? Sardonic? Impish?
Mischievous? Anticipatory? That face makes the joke, I think.)

Artsy, Artsey Twofer Thursday, Thursday!

OK - Let's get Artsy, Y'all!

Check it out! Layers of underlying meaning in this one! Whoo-Hoo! It's like an onion wrapped in a Li'l Debbie! Soup's gettin' all deep N' shit on us! And.. it's semi-topical, current event wise.

(plus.. underage Boo..... NO!.. NOT GOING THERE!!! La la la la la ....)

By the way - If you have no idea about the story surrounding that photo... please consider yourself very, very fortunate. I wish I were you.

Oh, what the hell.. here's an alternate take on the same subject. It's a twofer Thursday!

(I don't even have a pre-teen daughter. And yet I know of this 'scandal' *Sigh*)