Things Not Meant to Ponder On

Life's still far, far too chaotic around here for my own good. And for decent blog posts.

Here's a disturbing cover from a Swedish "Lisa & Sluggo" to better kink out my kharmic zenniness.

I have no idea either. But it is disturbing.

Especially (I think) if you (she's) have my (naked) mindset.

Brrr.... *shudder*...


Mr. Popular said...

Let's hope she waxes, if her hair is any indication Sluggo's in for some rug-burn.

SallyP said...

How the heck does Nancy translate to Lisa?

Sluggo does look pretty flabberghasted however.

Sea_of_Green said...

Not only that, she apparently likes to keep her shoes on.

TF said...

This is not a GOD JUL!
This is definately not a GOD JUL!
It's a BAD JUL! A very very very BAD JUL!!

Mr. Popular said...

There is no Lisa, only Zuul!