Blonde Moons! Clovers! Diamonds!

...Butterflies! Landing Strips!

You do not want to see this blog's search engine history. Seriously.

I'm in a strange mood.

Oh, and Hey! In searching for the naughty bits trimmer, I came across this one made specifically for the Fellahs:

Genius! Pure Genius! Hooray for good hygiene!

(...and count your lucky stars I didn't combine these two ideas...)

Lying Down on the Job

Batman's a Goddamn Hardass when it comes to crime-fighting.

And uppity dames.

Handgun SwitchAroo!

Good Grief! What the hell is wrong with me?!? I swear ... What a Lame Joke!

(Hahaha! *ZING!!*)

Frank "Feelin' Good" Miller Monday

Well, it's been a helluvva week .. and things were really gettin' me down until recently. I was seriously in a funk for a while, there. Life was beatin' me up, man! Sorry about the lack of posts - my heart just wasn't in it.

But.. as it turns out.. some things end up being blessings in disguise! And everything is now coming up sunny side! That menacing storm cloud overhead ended up bursting and showering me with delicious, delicious Prozac-filled Care Bears. Or something. Anyway, let's all dance!

I'm feeling much better now. VA-VOOM!

- Joke furthered from a brief conversation with SexyNerdGirl as we watched that crap-fest Daredevil movie:

"So, where is this whole Bullseye / Elektra story from, comic wise?"

"It was one of Frank Miller's early works."

"Wait... wait... ... Frank "Goddamn" Miller?!?"

"Yep. Didn't quite capture the mood of his writing, did they?"

"Ben Affleck wouldn't know 'Gritty' if it bit him in the Goddamn ass."

(Panel stolen from an Adam scan over at CMNS.)

Smiles, everyone!

Happy Ego Day!

Science Subtle, yes?

Introducing ....

Ladies and Gentlemen ...

Children of all ages ...

For your viewing enjoyment ...

Straight from the pages of Tiny Titans !!

A FoldedSoup production !!

Here, for the first time in public ... I give you ... ...

Li'l Dr. Light !!!!

. . . . . . . . . .

Awww... That's adorable! Couldn't you just eat him up?!?

Please restrict all complaints, chastisements, and other scoldings to the comments section below. Management makes no apologies, is not the least bit sorry, and no refunds will be given. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

OK, who wants a regular feature starring the Li'l Doc?

Wait ... That could get real ugly, real fast... Nevermind.

Death & Turtles. No, umm.. Tuxes. Tadpoles?

Ever get the feeling that you've forgotten something important ... something that you've meant to do, but ended up putting off for so long that it now becomes imperative to devote all your time and resources to quickly finish it before the deadline passes? Even though you can't really put your finger on what exactly is looming?

Something like that's in the back of my head... can't quite figure out why I'm so anxious. But something's due soon.. something I really should've taken care of before tonight.

Oh well.. I'm sure it'll come to me.

(Beer for Bogging is deductible, right? sigh.)

Monday, Monday

What an odd week that was... Nothing to talk about here, but .. wow! (Wouldja believe we actually got some snow? That just added to the overall strangeness.)

Anyway, sorry for the delay. I should be back to the normal routine for now. At least for a while. So... let's return to the juvenile Superboy jokes!

Earlier That Morning...

"Plus, Ma said she'd give me the biggest slice of rhubarb pie!"

Ah, Clark! Your powers should be used for good! Go unscramble some late night Showtime, why dontcha? Sheesh!

I Lap Floor

Well, PG Boob week is at an end. I know, I know.. I'll miss it too. It's been great fun manipulating (wink wink) these in photoshop, I gotta tell ya! The old format will (basically) be back by Monday, and we can then move on to more (ahem) weighty subjects like... umm... poop jokes and fruit pies.

Special thanks again to Sally for being such a good sport and taking this whole thing as the tribute it was always meant to be. DC hero naughty bits are now back to being your exclusive domain, girly. Well, unless I decide on Phantom Lady Week or something.

Also, I gotta say thanks to SexyNerdGirl for putting up with all this nonsense. I only had to suffer through a few of her odd sideway glances and only the occasional eye roll while I was giggling over photoshop boobies. Par for the course when dealing with me, really. I got me a good one there, my friends! I tell ya - I half expected this reaction:

"I...I'll get the surgery..."

Kidding! She knows I'm kidding! Sheesh!!

And finally ... as we leave the glorious globular goodness that was Power Girl Boobs FOREVER week ... a few live action Power Girl fan movies for your enjoyment! Both featuring a girl who can really fill PG's (umm) shoes!

Power Girl gets a job!

And... It's Power Girl, Dammit!

"You cannot beat me... Me Superman, Boobie-Girl!"

Featuring a pretty good Oracle, a Booster and Beetle cameo, and a really, really good Bizarro!

Anyway, hope y'all had some fun this week! Happy weekend, everyone!

A Fop I Roll

Chug Chug! This may be the breast best week ever! Let's pick on Batman again...

Clark Kent makes a Batman cameo.

Shame there's only one more day... then again, I can only apologize so many times.

(Gah! I hate that song!)

Or All of Pi

Like a runaway diesel locomotive plowing down the tracks, Power (Boobie) Week keeps chugging along!

(I really should call this "Hi, Googlers!" week...)

Now that he understood the assignment, Clark regretted the surgery.

That one made me groan a bit. Still, doesn't Clark look positively radiant?!?

(Tip: Silver Age and Modern Comics do not mix well. And I didn't feel like spending the extra time to 'match' them. Eh, you got free boobies, quit complaining..)

(And Hey! Improve your roller-skating!)

Flail Poor!

Wowsers, were there a lot of great AF blogs today! Hats off to everyone! And especially to SallyP for being such a good sport! I owe you a beer.. at least!

Anyway, furthering on!

"Wait...! This means I'm off the hook, too!"

I love this week. I really do.

Rare Boobie-less Post!

So Adam over at everyone's favorite blog, Comics Make No Sense, posted a doozy of an out of context speech bubble to see what my filthy mind could do with it. And not get myself banninated. Or ostracized within the comic blog community. Or bring the Feds down on me after Google Image searching all the necessary comedic photoshop components.

See? That's pretty good, right there. Your filthy mind is just racing, isn't it? Just throwing something together myself, I went in a completely different direction than you, ya degenerate.

Eh... that's pretty good. I still have some free time.. let's jazz it up a bit.

Heh. "Pooper."