Derby Day

Really, really been busy these days ... Sorry 'bout the low content (again)...

Oooh.. That Hurt

Always Remember ...

Jonah Hex

Knows Funny.

Seriously. Hex threw a rattler at the dude's junk. Hardcore.

I've Done This. I Have the Toys to Prove it

No time to post - I had a long meeting followed by an equally long interview.

Keep your fingers crossed.

So.. here's some Nazi Dinosaurs instead.

Token Agreement

Folded Soup presents ...

(A morality play in fourteen panels.)

or.. Justice League: Unlimited Affirmation

Thank you!

Please return your unused programs.

Size Matters

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. If you "celebrate" that sort of thing, that is. Me? I hate that damn forced "holiday" - for various and sundry reasons which I won't go into here.

Still.. we had our fun, in our own way*...
Nothing like this, though**:
Not one bit***.

*On a semi-related note.. go see Coraline. It's fantastic. We may go see it again!
**Well, kinda like that.
***A bit.

More Refrigerator Follies

Almost a quickie. Once I saw the cover and had the idea, the rest was surprisingly easy!

Well.. it's kinda romantic... when you think about it... sorta.

Oh, you Jughead!

Believe it.. or not!

Hey! It's another Romance Comic! Kinda like there's a theme this week for some reason..

Brenda didn't believe in premarital sex.

Yep.. it's a thinker.

Love Devices

Totally stolen from Adam. Blame him. But to be fair, when the panels are that good to begin with, I just can't help it. Plus, it's getting near that dang holiday, so it's kinda appropriate. I guess.

Hah! Someone needed to slap that woman! I'm just glad ol' Aaron was machine enough for the job!

Speaking of slapping around the women... where's Hammerin' Hank during all this? Wasn't that his job?

I miss Nextwave. Sigh.

Catching Up

So... what'd I miss?

Let's see... Big summer cross-overs are done. That's good. Comics are now $3.99?!? Criminy!! The Watchmen movie "potential boatloads of cash" lawsuit has been settled. Ehh. Batman died...

What, again!? Sheesh!


Man, I love that World's Finest cover! And fun Batman.

'course, I kinda like the Goddamn one, too...

Look! The Sun! Trees!

Well, I'm back. And very happy to be so! I won't go into details.. but *Wowsers!* am I glad that's all over with!

Anyway, if I can get back into the groove of things, regular posting should be regular again starting Monday.

Thanks for your patience / well-wishes!

That's not too far off, actually...