Sailor Flop!

Well, now. Ain't this a kick in the nips!

"I Tells ya... we're gonna make a MINT!!"

...and it ain't over. Enjoy!

(Happy Holiday!)

A Floor Lisp

Oh, speaking of photoshop - I couldn't let this go by... According to cmer at livejournal's scans_daily, Ray Palmer has been found!!

(Best joke all week!)

Liar Of Slop

Olsen. Bringing it.

"... kids!" Kids!! She meant to finish with "Kids!" Ran out of room! (Honestly!)

Jimmy Olsen: Pimp.

Oral Of Lips

You must know by now that whenever I use that phrase, you're in for things like this:

I really should've added an additional thought bubble (possibly making fun of Chester being a potential molester. Nah, too easy) ... but it's Friday, and It's weekend-lazy time.

And, Hey! Free Ice Cream!

(And what's up with Clark's blue shoes?)
(Boobies from JLA #10, of course.)
(And what does that "camera" actually do, anyway? The mind boggles!)

Lap For Oils!

Let's see if I can actually get this thing going...

My hope is to get about 10 of these ready to go, then make them a regular entry. You wouldn't believe how many times I have the perfect joke but can't find an appropriate comic to photoshop it over. And, since I can't draw worth a lick, this seems like a good idea. They really do save a lot of time, to boot!

Anyway, more to come!


Soap For Ill!

And now... Jimmy Olsen and Power Girl. A passion play in 10 panels:


I think I outdid myself with this one. But it took *way* too long to clean up the background stuff. Hopefully, this will be old hat soon. Still, The expressions against the dialog are great.

I love it when I can make myself laugh with my crappy juvenile photoshop jokes...

BTW: ... I actually used that old bar joke to get a bar girl's phone number last week. Works brilliantly. My gift to you all. Use it wisely.

A Roll Of Sip

One of my dogs has had a weird skin injury that has been bothering her for a few days. Right on the top of her back, towards the butt end. A big pussy (Hi, Googlers!), scabby round abrasion. Nothing I haven't dealt with before (I thought) So, I've been tending to it, clipping the hair around it, rubbing on the first-aid cream and whatnot and keeping her from licking it as much as I can. In spite of that, it's started to spread, so this morning I did a doggie doctor web search and found an exact match.

My dog has ringworm. Fan-flippin'-tastic.

Ringworm, in case you didn't know, is not a worm, but a fungus that infects skin. Nothing too serious - a decent fungal cream will take care of it in a few MONTHS, but its spores are airborne, and it is communicable. Even to humans.

So, in addition to buying a new air filter and treating the doggie with several new creams, I'm having to wash everything daily to keep it from spreading to the other dog. And to me. And keep in mind that I've rubbed my unprotected fingers over this sucker for a few days now, not knowing what it was. As soon as I found out, I hit the shower scrubbing like a rape victim. *sigh*

The next few months are going to consist of constant housecleaning and daily laundry. Dangit.

Well, enough with the Scabs... bring on the Boobies!

Ahh.... I feel better...

No, I'm not ashamed. I'm giggling, if you must know.

Of Asp Or Ill

Once again! Got things to do, roller derby girls to sass wise with, and sexy nerd girls to meet!

But.. I swear to you, both of my readers... I will never get tired of this easy, recurring joke!


Special Weekend (All CMNS) Update!

Every now and then (heck, often) Adam blogs a panel that begs re-working. And it sometimes involves a much-needed bitch slap. For example:

Eh... Bitch Slap / Cold Cock¹; ToMAYtoe / ToMAHtoe.

Anyway, there's no way I can just let that one lie there! So... we're off!

There! Works Great!

Mind you, I'm just playing with Adam's original observation that Silver Age LSH Brainiac was around simply to dictate the mission team's members. Or, more to the point, to prevent certain "other" members from joining the more dangerous ones. S'True!

I mean, using that Class 5 (or what-the-hell ever his power was) intellect exclusively for pre-mission planning? Jeez! Is that any way to run a super-team?!?

Whatcha think, Reed?!?
Hmm... Okay, then!

(Winks, nods, and apologies again to Adam. Looking forward to the gallery!)

¹Archaic expression used in flagrant attempt to improve Google hits

(Coming Specially Late Night Monday! A Special Week Long Holiday Special, Special!!)

Who Watches?

Sorry about yesterday's *ahem* ribald bit of dildo foolishness¹. Won't happen again for at least a week. Maybe sooner. Oh well.

OK - Back to the Silver Age Wackiness!©

"That's the last time I get Superman to pose as Robin for a bust."

Ummm.. wow. Don't know what I was originally thinking, there. And you really don't want to see the Google search results for "Batman kissing Robin." Seriously.

(Hi, Googlers!)

Happy Weekend!

¹ SexyNerdGirl

Betty's Little Helper

Quick 'N Dirty.

And I do mean.. oh, the heck with it.

Too subtle? Heh.

It's like shooting sheep in a barrel. Betty, you bad girl!

(And yes, the idea was totally SexyNerdGirl's. Even helped with the Google Image search.)

(No, you can't have her. She's mine.)


Just thought of this one. Thought I'd get it down before anyone else.

It's funny, 'cause it's true!

My Bad

Sorry for the lack of posts recently; it's been a crazy week. Odd obligations, weird late-night incidents, strange work requests and the like. Plus, the Roller Girl has moved in, been hired for a new job and so we're real busy taking care of all the stuff that follows that. Plus, I'm a lazy, lazy guy.

I'm am working on a few new things, though. Things for this blog. Things that'll take some time before I'm happy with them. So, been busy there, too.

For lack of a proper post, please enjoy the glory that is (basically) the final panel from this week's All Star Superman. Thank you, Mr. Morrison and Mr. Quitely.

What a fantastic series.

Sorry, but I'll be back more regular in a bit.

Goddamn Blockhead!

I'm actually quite amazed at how well this one works. And on so many levels, too!

(And.. let me apologize in advance for sullying your childhood memories.)

(Yes, that's the very first Peanuts. Sorta. Original here.)

Sorta / kinda inspired from Sea's fantastic similar idea from a few weeks ago. So go read hers. It's much better.

The little pointy ears crack me up. And I like to think he's strutting. To a soundtrack. Maybe Goddamn Slayer.

Toast! Glasses Up!

Saint Patrick was a gentleman,
Who through strategy and stealth,
Drove all the snakes from Ireland,
Here’s a toasting to his health.
But not too many toastings
Lest you lose yourself and then
Forget the good Saint Patrick
And see all those snakes again.
'Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!'
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day, ya toffs!

(Actually.. does "ya toffs" even mean anything? I just made it up. Sounds good, though..)

And - special individual Comics Blogosphere toasts to ....

Adam -
May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

Sally -
May you get all your wishes but one, so that you will always have something to strive for!

Sea - May you always feel the desire to kiss your child goodnight -- even if she's already asleep.

SexyNerdGirl -
May the hinges of our love never grow rusty.

Now.. off to deplete the fridge of some Guinness... Slán agat!

Yellow Fever

More from the Goddamn Batman, because.. why the hell not?

(Plus, I completely thunked myself in the head when I eventually thought of this one. Took me a while. Huh.)

Too easy.. man, I can't believe I missed that one at first glance.

Mmmm.. pie...

Yer Yellow

So I finally got around to reading the latest installment of The Goddamn Batman.

Actually, it was the best issue so far. I think this series has hit a turning point and will go in a different direction for the next half dozen issues. Make more rational sense and tread less over-the-top. Which is a bit of a shame. No reason for me thinking that, I just have a goddamn feeling.

And, since it is still my favorite comic to mess with, I give you this...

'round the back, fudge is made!

Mmmmm... Lemonade... That cool, refreshing drink...

(I did Google for a Green Lantern Spit Take image.. but alas...)

You Sank My Battleship...

Nothing (and no time) to post tonight.. but I'll try and whip up something this weekend.

So instead, here's the best Gary Gygax tribute I've seen so far. And I've seen a lot of them.

Original, of course, is from Great stuff.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Silver Age Time-Travel Catfight!! Whoo Hoo!

I know the pieces are there - the patterns were always the same.... But when you actually map it out...

Wow! It explains a lot!

And So...

The Gauntlet is Thrown...

Two can Play at this Game!

The Ante is Upped...

A Shocking Secret Revealed!

The Endgame is Near!

The Inescapable Finale!


That used up a lot of images in the "Future" folder!

(Wonder if Booster Gold knows about this!)

Gary Gygax R.I.P.

You tell 'em, Ralph!

Thanks for the imagination.

Radar Love

Sorry for the posting delays - It's been quite busy here, especially over the weekends. Plus there's a bout of teh sickness going around Stately Soup Manor... I guess that's the price to pay when you actually have a roommate other than the four legged variety. I mean, when I haven't found the time to go get the latest copy of the Goddamn Batman yet, you know I've been busier than a Japanese beaver! At least I'm still posting more frequently than this guy.

Anyhoo, off with teh funny!

Mr. McFeely: He knows the Dames.
And So...

Man, I want to read that story...

(Oh, and that new Iron Man trailer? Gave me the Jibblies! Want.)

(Oh, oh! Bonus points for deciphering the Subject based on the funny!)