Never Show how the Trick is Done..

That one scene from the movie really stuck with me something fierce.. I keep seeing it in my head even when flipping through old Batman comics. Especially when flipping through old Batman comics.

Oh, and sorry I've been kinda terse with the typing and writing and stuff.. we're shifting work schedules around here and I'm still getting used to when my "free" time is. It's easier just to photoshop, post and go sometimes...

Snack time!

The Terrible Trio!

There's something inherently funny about evil muppets.

Jus' Sayin'.

Imagine him cackling with that high-pitched Elmo voice... .*shudder*

Back to Civilization! (well, sorta)

Ah... air conditioning...

Well, that was fun! We all had a fantastic time camping and have many great stories to tell. Well, one real good one, anyway. Maybe later. Actually, we're still recovering. Meaning we've got all these dishes, laundry, gear (un)packing, cleaning and (re)packing still to do. Why, I haven't even had time to read last week's comic haul! Which means I'm still missing out on seeing what the ramifications of having Ambush Bug back in the DC universe were. Or are still. Or something.

I'm still curious as to how he talked his way back into comics in the first place! That must've been some editorial meeting!


(Siskoid says he likes these AB quickies. I do too. So, why the hell not do another one?!?)

Camping Time!

Tomorrow I'm heading out for another camping trip in the great Idaho mountains. Well, "camping" is probably stretching it a bit - I'm actually going to the Rock the Mountain heavy metal festival (Warning: Website sucks). Three days, 20+ local bands, and a whole lotta sunstroke. The whole thing is set up in some Idaho national forest or another, away from everyone... and I gotta tell ya, late nights in the mountains under the light-pollutionless stars are somehow even better with some anonomyous 20-year old monster-voicing a bad Slayer song in the background. If you're drunk.

Anywhoo, this time I'm bringing along the SexyNerdGirl and her Tagalong Troll (Hey! It's her nickname for him, not mine!) who really don't go camping much themselves. But, they'll have port-a-potties, a beer tap, showers, toilet paper, food trucks, and all kinds of "Camping: Not really" amenities available, so.. yeah.. it's should be pretty easy going. Just gotta remember to remind them to tip the massusse.

Actually, if I'm in line at the catering truck for a corporate sponsered $4 bratwurst and cup of Budweiser stadium beer while sipping on some bottled water at this thing, I probably won't be able to resist shouting out, "Whoo! Camping is SO METAL!! Whoooo! Who's up for a latte?!?" I'm hardcore like that. Yo.

Sigh. Pray for me.

So ... yeah. I'll be gone 'till Monday, possibly with appropriately censored photos. Which will probably look a lot like this:

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Twofer Wednesday

Going through an issue of Sports Illustrated a few weeks ago, I came across this little smile inducer in the letters section:


If there's one group out there that could one-up the comic fanboys in their anal retentive attention to detail, it's the sports ones. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Mr. Hatlem was quite brilliant with his subtle dig there.

ITEM! Ambush Bug is back in the DC universe as of today! Happy Day! Tacos for everyone! Hide your socks! Tug on Superman's cape! Whoop Whoop!

In celebration of this joyous day, let's all be reminded of his tragic origin:


Because Sheep can hear those Zippers

More wacky shenanigans with our newest movie sensation!

Tee hee!

(Apologies to all Scotsmen for the Title joke. My Baaaaad.)

Movie Madness

First things first:

Batman? Fuckin' Awesome.

Phew! OK, back to the crappy photoshops. On topic, even!

If you saw the movie (and really, I want to be your friend.. don't make it so difficult, yo), you'll love this one...

Hah! Hahahaha!!! I crack me up!
It was a good trick...

Movie Night!

Hey, fanboys:

Jus' Sayin'.

Enjoy the move, everyone!


Random thought:

(Though, by God, it's a doozy!)

You know who should team up with Booster Gold in his "Criss-crossing the DC universe" time travel adventures? You know who should be in many, many issues of that series? You know who would bring that perfect touch of comedy while traipsing though the vast DC history?

This guy:

You want it, I want it.

You HEAR US GIFFEN?!?! Make it happen!!

Manbat: Fixing the Glitch

Just a quickie - I've gotta be elsewhere and don't have time for a really in depth entry - but best to post something, I've learned.

Earlier that Day...

Manbat image stolen, yet again, from Sea of Green.

(24 hours and counting!)

Lifting Hoosiers

Turns out that most of my favorite blogs made up for my absence last week by posting some particularly strange and contextually funny panels, which I've been diligently copying to my "Future" folder in order to blatantly rip-off poke fun at a later date. Problem is, some of these are just too good posted directly as they were printed - the out of context giggles work best in the original ... umm.. context.

Solution? Mash 'em up.

zum Beispiel, Sea of Green had some big laughs with old Justice League Power Girl shenanigans... and Y'all know I can't resist embracing me some big Power Girl shenanigans.

See? That there's a euphemism. It's OK. I'll wait.

Anyway, in the space of a few days she posted two entries that nearly (and coincidentally) made a complete joke. Almost. Just needed a bit of a nudge.


Phyla can be Phun!

(Thanks, Sea!)
(And, wow.. is that ever ..umm.. quite the splash page!)

We need him a lot 'cause we got 'em on the spot...

So, I'm sure you've all read about how DC is soon to bring back an old-time fan favorite from beyond the grave in a move that will surely please the few of us old fogies who actually remember reading his adventures as they happened as well as the bean crunchers who read the fanboy polls. Personally, I'm quite happy with his return and am really looking forward to all the monthly titles where he will be featured. Good job, DC. Works for me. In fact, I know a lot of us are really getting the gibblies just waiting for that first issue!

However, part of me kinda wishes they kept to their one-time word and the dead would remain dead. After all, it was one of the seminal deaths in all of comicdom .. I still remember getting chills when I read it for the first time, all those years ago. Man, whatta way to go out!


Oh well. Glad he's back.

But let's all take a moment and reminisce, shall we? Took a bit of digging, but here's that amazing 1980s scene from the original Crisis:

Kinda chokes ya up, doesn't it?

(Aww.. C'mon! That one rocked!)
(Thanks, Siskoid, for saving me from doing the actual scan.)

Open Apologies to CMNS Monday

Dear Adam,

I finally posted a new entry after a lengthy absence. A lengthy absence during which I can offer no excuses for my constant internet inactivity, quite frankly. But I'll give it a shot: It appears I was suffering from total physical inertia, absence of interest in my ambiance - what some bloggers call "environment" - a failure to respond to the conventional external stimuli - a ribald comment, a nice firm boobie, a power girl reference... To be blunt, I was in a rut. It's the old stockbroker syndrome, the suburban fin de siecle ennui, angst, weltschmertz, call it what you will...

It was moping... and I'll have to remember that. Anywhoo...

When I finally did post, it was simply a slightly off-putting Batman and Robin pose from a World's Finest cover. And nothing more. For this, I am deeply ashamed, and beg your forgiveness.

As you rightly pointed out, it would have been quite easy to take a further step with that cover and make a basic rudimentary joke. Quite simple, really. It was already there, waiting to be teased from it's comfort. If only I took the effort ... if only I took the care to provide you, dear reader, with even a half-hearted attempt at the sort of crudely photoshopped playground humor my quatrain of readers has come to expect.

Alas.. It seems I was still on vacation. Well, the naughty bits were at least. The creative naughty bits, I mean. Metaphorically creative naughty bits.

Seriously... look how easy this was:

10 Minutes Ago

20 Minutes Ago

Actually, ... I fell better now! Ahhh.....

So to you Adam, as well as anyone else I have offended with my inertia... My deepest apologies. I promise to be more diligent and boobies in the future.


(I could blame the new tattoo. Hurts like a bastich...)
(Monty Python reference written from memory. Yeah. I can do that.)

One More Thing...

Almost forgot!

I had this done:

Pretty spiffy, huh?

Man, did that one hurt. I mean, more than usual. Weird.

Vacation Over ... Back to Work!

... and we're back.

I'm convinced that "Vacation Free Time" does not exist. We've been on a (forced) 2 week one from work and ... well, Y'know all those things that you'll get done when you actually have the time to do them? Like reading and cleaning and blogging and camping and vacation stuff? Yeah... not so much. Goofing off tends to get in the way.

Not to say it hasn't been a bit nutty around here with visitors, guests, holidays and such ... so all things told, I haven't had much time to put together any wacky photoshops or general comic gripes. Actually, I just haven't had the motivation to. Sorry.

But.. we had a wonderful 4th - and I hope you all did too! The Boise fireworks show was surprisingly immense, and because the downtown city sits surrounded by mountains, we had a spectacular view of the performance.

Our young visitor is fitting in quite well and is constantly amazed that I can name all of the Teen Titans ("Which? The TV series, the original comic lineup, or the current roster?"), who does the voices for which character ("That's the dude who was Luke Skywalker. No, I'm totally serious. What?!? You dare doubt the Great and Powerful Geek-San?!?"), or that I have a room filled with comic books. Eh.. what can I say? Kids dig me. Part of me is kinda proud that he's now watching Doctor Who, Justice League and Firefly with us .. when he's not catching up on the re-runs.

Other than that, I've done my fair share of lounging around and getting some exercise touring the city on extended bike rides and dog walks and whatnot. I'm sure that tomorrow's return to work will plug me right back into the routine, though.

So, just a quick note to prove that I'm still here. Just got a bit carried away with my lounging.

Happy Summer!

Ah, World's Finest. Bringing you the finest in monthly the "WTF" comic covers since 1941!

I mean.. zoom in on Batman's face.. seriously.

Early Morning One-Shot

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday - this 'having a kid spend the summer with you' thing really screws up your routine. That, and the whole 'forced vacation' thing we have going on at work doesn't help, either.

So, we'll be back to our little 'Skrulls invade the comics strip pages' thing in a little while. In the meantime, I had better see this happen sometime soon...

...if Marvel knows what's good for them.

And enough with the whole 'single quote uniform joke that only entertains you, Soup' thing, already! Sheesh!


Oh, those sneaky, sneaky Skrulls...

Where will they show up next?!? Is no one safe?!?

Find out tomorrow as Comic Strip Secret Invasion Quickie Theme Week continues!