Couldn't be better

I'd just like to mention that last night's episode of the utterly fantastic new cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold was an entire story where Batman and Plastic Man teamed up to fight Gorilla Grodd and his Apes in the Savage Land to save all of the Caribbean from evolving into simian mind slaves.

And there was a scene where Batman and Plastic Man fought laser gun totin' apes riding Pterodactyls.

And at one point, Batman became BatApe.

So, yeah. They got my letter.

I am so very very impressed with this absolutely fun li'l cartoon! I dare you not to smile while watching it!


TF said...

aw man oh man!
I hope I can find it on youtube...

SallyP said...

Not to mention, the appearance of Fire, and Gentleman Ghost. I am SO enjoying this bit of frivolity.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I really love this show. I love Batman with his blue cape and the yellow in his symbol, and his adventures without the gritty and grim. That's just me, I know, but this is the Batman I like the most.