Gobble Gobble!

Happy T-Day, everyone!

Boy, has it ever been busy around here.. I'm having to cook for everyone this year! Well, cook everything except the turkey, anyway.

That still leaves so much to do! I have to make the potatoes, cream the corn, splinter the beans, stuff the stuffing, fix the drinks, bake the desserts, arrange the house, clean everything, and .. well, there's a *lot* of work. Li'l ol' domestic me. Jeepers!

So, I'll most likely be much too occupied to post anything new until Monday .. unless something really interesting happens. Like Apes riding Pterodactyls or something. I should be able to continue regularly posting after that, though. Hopefully.

Gosh, where to start? And, I could use some help! Hey, Hulk!?!? You wanna start with something? Help me out? What could you do?

OK, that'll do!

Have a great holiday, kiddies ... and remember to be thankful. Really thankful. We forget how amazing we have it sometimes.

God bless.

Couldn't be better

I'd just like to mention that last night's episode of the utterly fantastic new cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold was an entire story where Batman and Plastic Man teamed up to fight Gorilla Grodd and his Apes in the Savage Land to save all of the Caribbean from evolving into simian mind slaves.

And there was a scene where Batman and Plastic Man fought laser gun totin' apes riding Pterodactyls.

And at one point, Batman became BatApe.

So, yeah. They got my letter.

I am so very very impressed with this absolutely fun li'l cartoon! I dare you not to smile while watching it!

If I Only Had the Time

Another quickie with "Lisa & Sluggo:"

Part of me wants to take the time to photoshop a mash-up combining this and that last L&S cover.

But that would only end in tears. Tears and an FBI watch list. But I'm pretty sure my Google hits would go up...

Oh, how bad it would be.

Things Not Meant to Ponder On

Life's still far, far too chaotic around here for my own good. And for decent blog posts.

Here's a disturbing cover from a Swedish "Lisa & Sluggo" to better kink out my kharmic zenniness.

I have no idea either. But it is disturbing.

Especially (I think) if you (she's) have my (naked) mindset.

Brrr.... *shudder*...

Busy, busy, busy

Another day, another missed opportunity to poke fun at wacky comics. Unfortunately, strange days and awkward restructuring at work is forcing me to spend less time goofing around with funnybooks these days. Plus, there's that whole "Holiday" thing...

I'm going to be quite busy in the upcoming weeks, and well.. badly-rendered photoshops will be taking a back door for a bit. Gotta take care of the home front, ya know. So, I'll blog when I can, and I promise to try and keep the quickies coming, at least. Case in point:

Spotted in Jack of Fables #25..

Now, where have I seen that guy before.... Seems awfully familiar...

Oh, yeah! Love that guy!

Huh. Didn't know he was in Idaho...

(And, I have no idea if it *really* is Dr. Fright. But I hope so.)

Keeps on Giving

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday. I was in the emergency room for most of the afternoon. Nothing serious - just a long, long day ending with an official, "Huh. Don't know what it is, then..."

Still.. I got some free rubber gloves! And tongue depressors! And Bio-chemical hazardous waste in a handy disposable bag!


Anyway, here's Lois again:

In spite of Superman's reassurances, there's no such thing as "Kryptonite Herpes."

That may be my favorite sentence of the week. I think I'm going to work it into a conversation later.

Your Want List

Hey Kiddies! Heads up!

Even if I only give lip service to the original premise of The Want List, and completely blow off recommending Gud Comiks, I would be completely remiss if I didn't give you a reason to read Marvel Adventures any time Jeff Parker writes it. I don't care if it's an "All-Ages" book... trust me on this one. Look! And laugh!

I added this bit. S'funny.

So, yeah. You want that.

More? Alright... There's this:
And it all ends when Galactus learns to eat his broccoli.


EDIT: Completely forgot to mention that all of the above is from the Marvel Adventures #26. My bad.


I'll be recovering for a bit. Stupid change in the weather....

In the meantime, go check out Sea of Green's write-up of Batman #222 - The Beatle-iest caper ever cape crusaded!

It's Gear!


Happy 4-Year United States Lesser of Two Evils Rotation day!

Gonna be aggravating as hell. Be prepared.


I love bacon. Don't you?

Gonna go eat. I just got a new dishwasher and feel like trying it out. Bacon-style!

(Aww... shoot! I left an outline over Porky's hand. Oh well...)