Nice Try, Sport!

So I'm perusing some old Archie comics just, y'know, for ideas. And to figure out whether or not Veronica has gotten even hotter over the years. 'Cause these things bother me. (Note to self: She has) And simply going by those old Betty and Veronica covers, man those two chicks were all about the boy crazy back in the day. Every joke centers on it. Specifically, on that goofy red-headed boy with seemingly no other redeeming qualities other than to be the prize for some weird never-actually-goes-anywhere competition. I mean, yes - it's Archie Comics, this scenario is one of the all time classics, everyone gets it.. I get it. Old hat and all.

Heck, I'm a red-head with seemingly no other redeeming qualities myself! The whole thing just seems weird to me. And a little manipulative. Maybe I'm imprinting. A bit. Or a lot. (V? Call me!)

Still... it's gotta be frustrating to have two uber hotties only willing to pine after you (and nothing else) despite giving them your best efforts for decades...

I'm pretty sure that one speaks to every male reading this.

I should make that one into a T-Shirt.

Some Blind Dates Just Don't Have a Sense of Humor

Another great weekend, but over too quickly. And I was kept too busy to Photoshop anything resembling teh funnay. My bad.

So, come one and come all to see what happens when Soup doesn't clear out his mind's dirty recesses routinely. Brace yourselves.

"I couldn't wait to prove it, get her home and show her my homemade Rose Petal, Chocolate, and Tequila Sunrise enema."

See?!? This is all society's problem!

Or, it will be if I can get on disability...

(That one kinda grossed ME out. I mean, alcohol enema's BURN!

But, you get drunk all the quicker. Just ask Fell!

Kinda sorry. Kinda.)

Derby Bound

No (real) post toady.. I'm off to score another Roller Derby Bout.

Valentine's Day theme this month. I expect to have to break up a lot of girl-on-girl fights.

Derby's strange that way. But I'm not complaining.

Testing the Relationship Bounds

I hope everyone had as good of a fantastic Valentine's / weekend holiday as I did! I didn't even have the ambition (or energy) to post on Friday, I had so much ... err... fun! Yourselves?

Good! Glad to hear it!

But now it's Monday -Back to work and more Juvenile Humor!

(Now with Bodily Fluid Goodness!)

Apparently, Steve was less than thrilled to learn I was a Body Fluidist. Or that I "marked" our wedding bed to be used during our nuptials.

But I still maintain I make one kick-ass Bloody Mary.

Hello?!? Disgusting Jokes Anon? Hello? Is this the DJA?!? Umm.. yeah...

This is Anonymous, right?

(Jeez, that one made me cringe!)

Happy V-Day!

Just a placeholder - 'cause I have a very busy evening planned with my Roller Girl (If ya know what I mean... Nudge Nudge!)

So - best wishes to anyone who celebrates this strange holiday with their loved ones! I'm still on the fence about it - but it's a nice to make a special day of it if you're really in love, I suppose. I guess that's my problem with it - I hate the obligation part. It should be a natural holiday. It should be an excuse to make a big deal out of your already existing love. Not a reason to feel obliged.


Hope someone has stolen your heart! Enjoy your evening!

Steve Gerber - RIP

Thanks for everything, Sir!

Ha! Get it? FoldedSoup's tribute to the creator of Howard the Duck? Soup? Duck?

Aw, you people are no fun...

Phun with Phonetics

It's been a while since I tried a playground joke. Well, by "a while," I mean like, umm.. since last week.

Anywhoo, let's try an old standard and comic-i-fy it! For the comic geeky sophisticate inside of you that yearns to be reminded of the thrilling tales of yesteryear!

Well the yesteryear of the 1990s, anyway...


Just be glad he didn't steal the Gotham City Buttfer.

(I hope I'm not the only one who genuinely chuckled at this one...)

It's Gamblin' Time!!!

I'd be remiss if I didn't say something about the Giants' fab-tastic win in this year's Super Bowl. Football fan that I am and all! Man, what a great, great game - regardless of who you were rooting for!

'course, there are much bigger fans who are still reeling over the upset. And most of them are New York natives...

Click the second to last for a biggie. It felt a bit small.

Okay .. that was fun! I like playing around with The Thing.

ummm... Hi, Googlers!

(sorry 'bout that!)

(oh, and I just noticed that I didn't blot out the original word bubble on that panel. Aww, screw it.)

Stewie. His Name is Stewie.

Feeling much better today, thanks. I think it was my diet. Something I ate, perhaps.

Which brings me to...

Cooking with Babies 1st Edition, Sealed in Bag
Sometimes those eHarmony profiles are kinda vague.

Heh heh.

Well, c'mon! We've all been on awkward blind dates before!

(Mine involved bail money. And cash up front.)

Death Warmed Over


Sorry about the lack of a Monday post - I woke up sick after too much Super Bowl partying. Or homemade Guacamole. Jury's still out on that one. Though the household crapper is prepared to be recalled as a follow-up witness, if you get my drift..

In fact, I barely staggered into work today and now feel like that might have been a mistake. I'm still all icky. And the dogs are eying me like they may have to figure out how the can opener works on their own. So, a quickie post for today then sleep.

And .. as I usually do when I feel like slacking, I'm stealing another blogger's funny. Well, stealing the funny panel they posted and trying to further the funny myself, but you know what I mean.

And again, as usual, today's theft comes from a beauty of an out-of-context panel lifted from Adam. I really owe that guy a beer.

And So...

Y'know? I would pay good money for a Smallville Zombies book. But only if you wrote it with the mandatory Silver Age wackiness.

And got Grant Morrison to write it.