Archie Plays for Keeps

I really didn't set out to start STD Week at The Want List.

Really, I didn't. But, you gotta go where the river takes ya! And something about Jughead's reaction just made the joke too easy to ignore.

And I love, LOVE! Archie's bemused look. That's the capper. You lose a bet with Archie, you lose a bet with everyone he's ever lost a bet with. And now you know.

(And there's an ironic parallel here involving unintentional blog jokes and unwanted STDs, I'm sure. But I choose to ignore it.)


Siskoid said...

Wow. Seeing as this was changed only a little, it's already a Jughead cover about playing spin the bottle.

Sea_of_Green said...

At least Jughead seems SMARTER than the average Archie character.