Happy Halloween, kiddies! I'm in the midst of dressing up for tonight's various appearances... gotta a lot of spirit gum, rigid collodian and fake hair to go through. Oh, and a Derby bout with the after parties. So, only a quickie this time.

But first...

Oh, my!

Mr. P: Showoff.

(I keed - thanks for the followup!)

And now...

Click 1st pic for biggie

Have lots of spooky goddamn fun tonight, everyone!


Ah, Little Lulu! The world just doesn't understand you.

Tubby was confused and slightly embarrassed about what he took to be naughty lettering on Lulu's underpants.

If only he knew how to read Braille.

Goodnight, everyone! Tip your waitress!

There's a market for these, mark my words. And remember me my residuals.

Don't Encourage Him

How jokes escalate:

OK, you're searching for some wacky Halloween cover to make a joke about when you find one to which your (admittedly) perverted and juvenile mind can only take one way - down the bawdy path. Or, as I refer to it: "The Road Well-Traveled." So.. you go that way and add the joke's necessary ball gag and realize that because you're putting it on a pig, it really should be an apple. See, that's more of the funny. Then, when adding the tag-line joke, you similarly notice that it really should be stuttered. Triple the f-f-f-funny!

AHA! We have achieved the funny! But wait, there's more!

See, now that I'm done with it, I realize that I have a fantastic one panel joke buried here. If only I could draw. I can't. Not well, anyway. Maybe someone can.

Picture this (and be forewarned):

Bedroom scene. Porky Pig chained, bondage-wise, to the bed. He's obviously been worked over - lashes, bruises, sweat, ball-gag askew.. you get it. Standing over him, Petunia is dressed to the bondagey nines. I'm trying not to think too hard about it, actually. Anyway, she's still in the middle of whipping poor Porky who can't stutter out the overly complicated code-word to get her to stop!

Hahahaha! I kill me.


Oh, and for you kids scoring at home: Perverted bawdy ball-gag, bedroom chained worked over bruises, sweat bondagey code-word.

Hi, Googlers!


Hey Kids! Guess what's coming up this weekend! Halloween! Yay! Let's try for a theme week! Why the hell not...

Know your neighbors! Stay safe!

*Yes, Peeps Spooky Cats exist. They're yummy.

Everyone in the Pool!

Still in low-content mode. Actually, I was in court yesterday for several hours and just didn't feel like doing anything else after that massive bureaucratic waste of time. Gosh, I hope these guys can somehow be put in charge of my health care! Ug.

Look for something new later this weekend - I'm working on several (read: Two) longer photoshop thingies, both of which are making me laugh as I do them. Hope they turn out like envisioned. And are less work than I think they'll be.

In the meantime, here's a disturbing Jughead panel to ponder over:

Captions welcomed.

Happy weekend, everyone!

3rd Time's the Burning Charm!

Eh, what the heck... let's make it a three-fer...

Oh, you! Jughead! Always with the Zingers!

The next time you're with your sweetie and spot a bad hairpiece... remember this one! You don't get that set-up very often, kids!

(You can blame it on me. I can take it.)

Archie Plays for Keeps

I really didn't set out to start STD Week at The Want List.

Really, I didn't. But, you gotta go where the river takes ya! And something about Jughead's reaction just made the joke too easy to ignore.

And I love, LOVE! Archie's bemused look. That's the capper. You lose a bet with Archie, you lose a bet with everyone he's ever lost a bet with. And now you know.

(And there's an ironic parallel here involving unintentional blog jokes and unwanted STDs, I'm sure. But I choose to ignore it.)


Still on low content, house-hunting mode. But a few of the houses we're checking out are looking better than before. No batpoles as of yet.

In the meantime, here's a zinger from Veronica:

Ha Ha! Zing!!

(Is it wrong that I could spell 'Chlamydia' without dictionary help? I'm trying not to think about it.)

Vigilance. Chastity. Faith.

So, yeah. I own an issue of Areala: Warrior Nun. Don't judge me*.

Surprisingly, you don't have to change much to have a giggle or two. Wonder if I have any more...


Hey, Areala... remember the Immaculate Reception? 4th and long? What would you have done?

Ah... should've figured you'd play a bit more conservatively.

* judge away!

I am the cute!

...and we're back. Sort of. Things are still busy, but I am able to muster some free time between all the busy work. Enough to work in a quickie every once in a while for the next week or so, anyway.

Like when I come across pictures of the cutest li'l Batman ever! Awww.....

That's bat-dorable!