Boogie Nights

Sorry for the delay - we had a birthday party to go to. And, because it involved several Roller Girls, it kinda stretched out the night and our sobriety. So, let's pick up with a quickie Spidey Stories goof-off after a day off. Eh, you get what you pay for...

This month's villain is Mysterio, a dude I've loved ever since I was a youngin'. Something about that character design is just so... Ditko. And by extrapolation... cool. No way around it, that costume rocks. If you could pull it off, that would completely kick ass at this year's Halloween party. It'd be quite the pain to negotiate with .. and drink .. and socialize.. and.. well, anything really. So, maybe I spoke too soon. You'd probably start to look forward to the end of the night when you can finally take that damn fishbowl off your head.

But, in the all-children's world of Spider Super Stories? He wears it all the time. Check it out:

Mysterio in disguise:


Mysterio in disguise:


And nobody bats an eye.

(He's undercover as "Mr. O." That's funny.)

I want to see more of Mr. O's adventures. Come to think of it, Mr. O wouldn't be a bad idea for a costume either...


Spidey doesn't like the nightlife. Doesn't like to boogie.

I Say... What a SUPER Day!

Once more it's time for another somewhat-thrilling installment of...

This day's episode...

Let's dispense with the usual introductions and cut right into it and just jump to the The Best Thing about this particular issue, OK?

So, what was The Best Thing about this issue?

Was it ... The Bobbie's "Toot" joke?

(I've always wondered how the unarmed British cops stop runaway criminals...)

Is it ... Dial-A-Poke?!?

Almost.. but not quite. Though you gotta admit, that's pretty good right there...

(Seriously: Dial-A-Poke! Saving that one for an 'not-as-yet-thought-up' Atom joke...)

No.. The Best Thing about this issue? Really?

Ya wanna know? 'Cause... it's pretty good.

Alright, then! I give you.....

Tennis Anyone?
No contest.

Bonus: The Origin of Spider-Woman!

Huh? Where am I? Lost my head for a second, there...

Puns! Thor! Loki! Morgan Freeman!

Man, these are fun books! Bully needs to own them all! So do I, for that matter! Working on it...

This issue (#27) was noticeable because of the massive amount of puns in the first story. Seriously. The villain was Plantman and every panel (really .. EVERY panel) had some planty pun in it. Now, I've made my fair share of puns in the past .. some would say I live on them ... but after 10 panels of so where (again) EVERY ONE ends with a pun.. well, it kinda wears you out! I thought about scanning them all in here with a running counter, but I that would've taken 10 pages or so and a seriously long entry. Maybe some other time. It's worth seeing to believe.

In the meantime, let's all check in with the second story and see what kind of trouble Ol' Man Freeman has gotten our Spidey-friends into this time...

For those of you playing at home ... the winner in the "How long will it take Soup to make a bad One More Day reference while blogging about Spidey Super Stories comics" betting pool is whomever put money on "Wednesday."

(I like that the writers don't let you kiddies in on the actual spell... that's cute!)

Oh, and this issue had Thor, too!

OK .. let's stop right there. I didn't mess with it at this point at all, I swear!

Check out that last panel: Thor telling Asgardian stories over soda and candy with the kiddies?!? That's ... that's beautiful! See? I told you these books rock! Though I was really hoping Volstagg would be the soda jerk in the next scene...

OK, moving on!

OK, I did mess with that one. A bit.

Swingin' 70s Party!

Everyone got your room keys handy? Then let's begin!

Ah... remember 1976? I do! And it honestly seems like just yesterday. Runaway inflation, problems just beginning with Russia, economy on the verge of stagflation, high gas prices, ... um..


Anyway, it was also our country's Bicentennial! My gosh, what a time! New quarters, patriotic flavors of Kool-Aid, SchoolHouse Rock, fireworks, parties... Wow, remember the parties! Our Spidey-Friends do!

Click for Party-Size!

Lockjaw's so cute! WURF!

(And, why is Medusa using her hands to hang that banner? It seems beneath her, somehow. No, I know the banner is above her.. oh, shut up!)

And fun is had by all! Whee! This, of course was before Captain America was shot and Spidey and Thor were reset. Oh! And before Paul the gorilla disemboweled Jennifer and had to be put down to make footstools, and Jarvis turned out to be a Skrull who plotted this whole thing while muttering, "Donuts love me." Or something.

Anyhoo, as these things are wont to do, the conversation soon turns to personal role models:

Oh Nooo! What will happen in the past!

Unfortunately, the rather beat-up copy I have of this issue leaves that bit of the adventure out. There is a barely legible scene where Kang, of all people, is beating up Sam Adams dressed as an Indian. Not Kang, Sam Adams. And not the "Thank you, come again!" Indians, the "Woo-Woo-Woo!" ones. Moving on.

We'll just have to imagine what happened to our heroes in 1776, I'm afraid. Though I do have the last panel...

Well, the 70's were a more swingin' time. Even in a kiddie book, apparently.

Bonus Electric Company Villain:

Someone remind me about these guys when I'm planning this year's Halloween costume. That's a party stopper, there.

(Though I think I like Dr. Fright better.)

Hey You Guyyyyysssss!

Hey Kids! Guess what? It's...

Why? 'Cause I just got a bunch of 'em in the mail this weekend (yes, I still have an actual Want List I check every now and then! Sheesh!) and boy, are they fun! I mean, how can you go wrong when you get things like...

Spidey: Be prepared ... with Science!

Dastardly Villains with Dastardly Schemes!
(Ooohhh... Watch out, pretty hot dog vendor lady!)

Children's Television Network Anti-STD messages!

Cross company guest appearance from Brother Power!

The Crank!

J. Jonah!

And to top it all off? In the end, Spidey is victorious by using The Power OF ROCK!

And that's all in just one issue! Not since the heyday of a certain Roy Thomas has there ever been this much compressed entertainment in a single issue!

Whoop whoop! More tomorrow!

Measure Twice

Sorry - can't goof with comics today.. gotta pack for camping! I don't want to get all the way out there and find out that I've forgotten something important!

Like skunk spray. Or some white paint and a black cat. Y'know.. for a distraction.

(yes, Overath.. My Life Flight membership is current. Wisenheimer.)

No Respect!

Another day, another quickie - I got too many things to do! It's been a very busy week so far, and we're going camping this weekend to top it all off, so there's that to prepare for, too.

Sorry - I really meant to spend today responding to Sea's tagging by posting some of my favorite blog entries, honest! ... maybe I'll get time tomorrow at work. Sigh. In the meantime, here's more Lois Lane shenanigans:

That's another one of those, "You gotta be kidding me!" Lois Lane covers that I really didn't have to tinker with all that much. I'd really like to get a complete set of these someday - money not withstanding - just for those awesome covers. And if that makes me less of a man ... well so be it, twinkletoes!

Dear Christopher Nolan:

As much I really don't want you to start basing the Batman movies solely around his rogue's gallery... 
I could live with this. Oh, yes.

It's Not Mind Reading

Sometimes you know what the artist left unsaid just based on the character's reactions. Case in point:

Man, that kid looks pissed!

Magic Moments

Sometimes you see a cover and it's all too easy. Especially when it's a golden age Superboy cover.


Fish, barrel? Meet mind, gutter.

It's out there

So, what's one part cartoon, one part horror, and fun for everyone?!?

Japanese crazy good fun-ness! American style!

Man, I'd be scared too in that situation! Run man, RUN!


You just know there's something like this out there. I mean.. yeah, I know there's Hentai books, but something that blends golden age horror comics and tentacle porn? I'm sure someone's making it. Quick! Do a search! Make sure you're at work, though.

(Hi, Googlers!)

Monkeys = Comedy

From the "I should Title the Story" Dept.

Giggle worthy.


Well, along with the baseball game (which was great .. I love minor league ball!), we all went to see The Dark Knight again,* and I can attest that yes, it will cause a 9-year old to watch it through his fingers in certain parts. Good stuff, that.

Also, the Roller Derby girls had a car wash fund raiser which was fun, and had to disband a team, which was not. They'll never get into the Olympics at this rate.

And now for something completely different...

Alan Davis grins on Rorschach

And, heck .. let's go with the original..

Creep factor: High.

Thanks to Sea of Green for the reminder of how much I love Alan Davis grins. Even if they are kinda creepy.

(That last Rorschach one is particularly creepy! Gah!)

* That makes this only the second movie in 20 years that I've seen multiple times during it's opening week in the theater. That's how much I love this movie.

Oh, the other one? Serenity.

Mercy Rule

No time to blog! ... Gotta catch a baseball game...

Okay.. maybe a quickie:

Close calls at the plate rarely went against the Man of Steel.

Subtle! Yet again!

Imagine the Action Figures!

Sea of Green posted a great time killer over at Fábrica de Heróis where you can create WB-themed cartoon characters based on the Flash program and the templates provided. It's really, really fun. I mean .. check this out..

For the first time ever ...
... I present to you ...

Watchmen Unlimited!

C'mon, DC! You know you're gonna...

That sound you're hearing? That low guttural moan calling forth all things good and holy to end the horror before it cannot become unseen? That?

Hiya, Mr. Moore!

Who Watches the Webpage

I don't know if anyone's noticed this ... but at the end of the first page (before you have to scroll down) of the official Watchman movie web page "About" thingee you get this:

"The Mystery adventure "Watchmen" is directed by Zack Snyder ("300") from a screenplay by David Hayter and Alex Tse, Based on the award-winning Graphic Novel Illustrated by Dave Gibbons and"

That whole "Take my name off it" thing is quite literal, it seems. goes on with other stuff movie plug stuff.. just funny that it starts with that on the first bit. And, no.. Alan's not in there at all. Why, if I were less comedic minded, I'd think that was planned!

(I laughed)

Who Watches the Auction

So in case you were wondering if it's worth it to quickly set up a 5-day minimal eBay auction for your original Watchmen run... kinda is.

Fast Food!

S'been a while since I've done one of these. I kinda miss 'em!

Subtle ... yet gruesome!

(4th panel subtlety, that is. Ick.)