Welcome to our first semi-safe for work post! Hopefully, the last - well, at least until the uncensored Shanna and Cavewoman editions come out. Warning: Badly-lettered bad language, and a very amateurish cartoony boobie slip ahead. Ha-cha-cha!

I was going through some boxes of irregularly shaped books last night and stumbled upon something I completely forgot that I owned. A few years back a friend of mine acquired a bunch of old amateur comics from the 30s-50s, personally restored/re-drew them and gave them away as little gifts for his friends. He did a great job too, so I thought I'd share them. Well, bits of them, anyway.

Plus, it helps me further my never ending persuit to jack my random Google hits even higher than the Power Girl post at the end of Dave's infamous Boob War Week! So, in that spirit, I present to you all: An original Superman and Supergirl Tijuana Bible!


The Continuing Story...

I thought about posting the whole thing, clickable as a NSFW link, but once you've seen one of these things, you've seen 'em all. Heck, I could write these things! Come to think of it, I probably did in middle school with the John Byrne She-Hulk's and whatnot... So instead of posting them complete, I'll make a few panels completely post-friendly so I can share the funny. Well, as post-friendly as I can make them while still maintaining the funny.

But let's not waste any more time here and jump right into it.. umm, as it were...


Check out Clark - still maintaining that nervous disguise. Oh, you! And at only 8 panels, this thing starts up quicker than Roy Thomas on Meth. Get set and GO! Baby! The real fun with this particular one is that Supergi-errr Linda Lee - Schoolteacher, if I remember right- and Superm-errr, Clark Kent - Pulitzer Prize winning journalist writing in a major Metropolitan newspaper daily, both talk in third-person slang:

Y'know? I actually find this drawing of Supergirl more attractive than any Michael Turner cover. It doesn't look like one of those melted and distorted coke bottles filled with 70s colored sand, you know. It's a good curvey. And I really like the Chubby I stuck in there. Yes, that's a multi-layered joke. Yes, I'm ashamed. Sort of.

That's kinda creepy. Above and beyond the fact that you're role-playing (well, kinda) during sex with your underage cousin. Still, Folded Soup says it's good to see those crazy kids finally do be gettin' together!

Ah, youth!

(And why do I get the feeling that somehow this butt will end up somewhere else... Nah, she's too classy'a broad!)

BONUS: Katherine Hepbern with a li'l bit O' poetry!

Tee hee...