Random Crap

Another weekend gone, it's back to the grind. Actually, work wasn't too bad today, and I did get to play with this li'l program program called Comic Life which would make my life a lot more fun. Did I mention that (of course) it's Mac only? 'Cause it is. Reason #246 why I need a Mac for home use, dangit.

Today is Baseball Season. You will like Baseball.

Thanks for all the great April Fools sites, fellow comic bloggers! I really got a chuckle out of Chris', and how can you not wait to TiVo the upcoming LawyerBear project, but hands down, Mike had the best. One day I hope to be roasted that well, that subtly. One thing though, Mike - you really should've offered a brand of whiskey for Mr. Church to go along with all the other nifty merchandise. "Kevin Church's Triple Malt BeaucoupWiskey" has a nice ring to it.

I just finished Wonder Woman #6. Y'know, I was really rooting for a decent WW comic - and the first 2 issues or so seemed very promising. Of course, the chronic lateness of the book was a real turn-off and just about killed it for me, but the story was fun, the art was great and I liked the big villain mash-up that it began with. After reading this last one (which was refreshingly early), it's over. Bad, Bad comic! Ugggg....

In contrast, I also just finished The Spirit #4. Thank you, Mr. Cooke. Thank you. I'm a comic guy who never, unfortunately, followed the original Eisner run - and I know, shame on me... but I can honestly read this series with only a cursory knowledge of the characters and history, and.. Oh! Stars and Garters, is this a fantastic thing of beauty! Just from a purely "comic-book" level. The art, the mood, the feel, the characters, the art, the writing, the production, the art.. it might be my new favorite .. well, aside from All-Star Supes...

And finally, Brandon over at Random Panels has a new meme that lets me play around with Photoshop again. First thing I thought of:

That's kind of creepy, actually.

EDIT: Added The Spirit info. Because it's fantastic. And was quicker this way.


Brandon said...

AAAAAHHHHHH!!! He can see me!!!

SallyP said...

Love the meme. I don't know HOW you do that, but it is amazing.

Yeah, Wonder Woman was pretty pathetic. She's been living here how long now, and even ran her own business, in between working for the military, and she can't figure out how to use money or pump gas?