WRONG, Camel Breath!

Lately TiVo has been picking up the later seasons of Super-Friends, which currently includes the Challenge of the Super Friends - the ones with Firestorm, Cyborg, and Darkseid. I gotta say - and I know this is a kiddie show - but Darkseid playing a Dick Dastardly level foil leaves me cringing today. He's almost *uggh* comical in his incompetence. I fondly remember as a kid learning about his upcoming appearances in the new season and getting so stoked.. I was one of the few of my friends that actually knew the awesomeness that was Darkseid from the comics. And I also remember that, as much as I wince today, I loved these episodes back then... I think it was just that I got to see Darkseid as a 'toon every Saturday. Just the fact that he was in them. I certainly didn't know bad characterization at that age - just my favorites. This must be how children's television is programmed. It's kind of sad realizing that.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of what may very well be the most awesome collection of sequential art ever. It's in the final stages of preparation and afterwards will be carefully packaged and mailed to me cross country at great expense. Prepare yourselves.

It looks like we now know who is the real multi-million dollar baby-daddy. Or, as the best headline in weeks over at Fark puts it: Congratulations to Larry Birkhead, winner of the 2007 Anna Nicole Smith Vaginal Dumpster Invitational! I know of at least two old farts that are not pleased. Not pleased at all.

Now that I've seen the final stats, Mike tripled my daily hits with his many links. Thank you, sir. The negatives have been burned, and the cake has been devoured. The dogs thank you, too. That film has been casting a dark cloud over them for far too long...

And Finally, I've been re-reading a fantastically groan-inducing book (in a good way) that I really must do a write up on soon. In the meantime, enjoy this panel from it, untouched I swear:

Note: Cap and Iron Man are at seperate tables
Camel Breath? Must've learned that Zinger from Latverian Finishing School: Insulting the People Beneath You

Tomorrow? All-Star Supes! Oh, Hells Yeah!

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SallyP said...

Untouched you say? Well, I'll be darnedd! Look at Iron Man staring wistfully over at Cap and Thor...wishing he could be at the Big Boy's table.

Also, I must find those cake pans.