New God Charming

Couldn't help it. First thing that crossed my mind as re-reading this classic. And it made me giggle.

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My mind works strangely, sometimes. And by "sometimes," I mean "every time I read comics. Especially Kirby comics."

On another note, I watched Grindhouse Saturday night at an IMAX theater at 12 am while completely drunk. Heck, I was drinking during the movie. And Dick Dale was on the car's sterio on the way to the theater. Seemed appropriate.

Needless to say, at the time I thought it was the quite possibly the best Goddammed movie ever. Now that I've sobered up, it was actually a great, great fun movie if you know what you're getting into, understand the genre they're homaging, and you have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek. If they would've cut about 15 minutes of the Tarantino dialogue (as good as it was, it was an action-buzz killer) from about halfway through Death Proof, I would have nary a complaint with it. Don't see it at midnight, though. You won't get home until 4 am. Seriously.

And as funny as Machete was, Don't was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Don't miss it! Don't!!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! I decorated my Easter eggs to look like Plastic Man - which was very funny to me, until I pretended that poor ol' Plas had been hit by a freeze ray while caught in egg form and I started rolling him across the table, cracking him open to eat his delicious insides ... No, Plas! NOOOOO!

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SallyP said...

Well, I'm glad you had an enjoyable Easter. And seriously, the pictures are an utter hoot. How on earth does Darkseid make that Kirby table just rise up out of the grass like that?

Bring me my Axe body spray! That should definitely be Darksied's new battle cry.