Random Crap

A few thoughts off the top of my head...

- Since when can Bulleteer fly? This is the third time I've seen her zooming into battle. Are artists just drawing her that way because of the way she looks and, well, she's the Bulleteer? Or did I miss something.

- World War III represents the first time I've been suckered into purchasing a "big two comic event" in a long time. Several times while reading it I actually said out loud to myself, "You Moron!" Man, what dreck.

- After next week, I'm pretty sure my attitude towards 52 will be along the lines of thinking it was a decent story, with faults and sloppy patches, but some neat ideas and fun moments. For a first-time experiment, pretty well done, taking it all into account. Knowing that Dini's learned from this and has already got a well-crafted 100+ page master plan ready to go, means I'll be buying Countdown, too. I'm trusting that most of the kinks will be ironed out. And I trust Dini in general.

- Speaking of 52, Ellen Baker was smokin' hot! I'm not used to thinking of her that way. I may have to reassess her MILF factor.

- But did they have to go and kill off The (one true) Question? So far, that's what hit me the hardest. I've always loved that character.

- Apparently, the toy tie-ins already on the shelves for Spider-Man 3 contain major spoilers for the movie. Keep that in mind if you find yourself in the toy aisle of your local Wal-Mart or Target.

- Speaking of, I was able to get a cartoon compilation DVD in the cheapie bin at Wal-Mart for $6. It has 60 classic 30s and 40s Fleischer and Harvey cartoons, including the first six Superman cartoons, which is why I bought it. Also included are: old-school Popeye (including the Sinbad mini-movie), Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, Mutt and Jeff, Baby Huey, Little Audrey, Casper, and the Hep Cat Symphony. For $6. Go buy it. And while you're there, the 1960s Batman movie is right next to it in the same bin. But, if you don't already own that, I don't know what to say...

- I've been re-playing the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game using my "didn't come out of Civil War looking like total dicks" team of Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and The Thing. Note that Spider-Man is also on my "did stupid, uncharacteristic things to further the plot in Civil War" team along with Reed Richards, Thor (I love yelling "Clor! To Battle!"), and of course, Iron Man. It's curious to note that the game does not include Hulk. Makes ya think, don't it?

- Finally, I'll leave you with reason #342 why World War III was a crappy comic:

Green Arrow missed a hovering Black Adam from about 100 feet away. Twice. Green. Freckin'. Arrow.



Adam Barnett said...

I'm pretty tolerant of re-inventing characters, but I refuse to acknowledge the new Question.

SallyP said...

Naw, he didn't miss, um...Geo force made his arrow go sideways! Yeah, that's it!