Crazy 8's: Superman

They should've tried this on the Hulk, using a Betty Ross puppet. And Superboy is seriously being a dick, using the cute girl who befriended Bizarro to lure him to an Army shooting range.

The Balloonie: Living out his existence at the Krypton Zoo in a state of constant fear for the entertainment of the Kryptonian elite. Oh, noble creature, thou art!

I think Superman meant to say "Incestuous."

Attention people who dress up in costumes at conventions: If one of you will come to a convention I'm attending dressed as Bizarro Scarecrow Superman, I will take back every mean-spirited thing I've ever said about you.

Lois: Wait a minute, Clark! There's no way you could have survived that explosion!
Clark: Umm... *gets down on one knee* Marry me, Lois! I love you! I always have!
Lois: Oh! I must have been mistaken.

Mxyzptlk: Pimp

BWAHAHAHAHAAA! Oh, man.. Oh *gasp* BWAHAHAA! I can't, I really can't..
Seriously, this is one of the best Jimmy Olsen stories ever. Write up coming.

Gordon's Fisherman: Cockblocker

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SallyP said...

Somehow, Jimmy always comes through, in beating the sheer awesome idiocy of the other panels.

Hee hee.