On Hairstyles and Farming Tools

I'm a bit of a newshound and talk radio junkie, which means of course, that I could not escape the overblown politically correct hysterectomy that was this week's Don Imus incident. In no way do I want to discuss the whole stupid affair here (or ever again for that matter), but what CBS is currently doing to remove all traces of anything related to that stupid, really bad for business Imus comment reminded me of how comics periodically do recons to clear out the stupid, really bad for business things they do.

Yes, it's a curse tying comics into everything, everyday. I can't help it.

Anyway, after I boarded that particular train of thought, I realized that there's an even better parallel: Imus was fired (retconned) for using the expression, "Nappy-headed Ho." So, let's further this week's inadvertant (I swear) Pimp's and Ho's theme by remembering that at one time DC retconned an actual Nappy-Headed Ho:

Rowr Rowr!

(Careful readers will notice the editorial nudity coloring on the last panel. Unless her skin-tight leather pants are really, really shear)

Ah, the 1989 Catwoman: Year One story. Actually, I believe it's actual running title was "Her Sister's Keeper," but it came in on the heels of Batman: Year One's success and was a sort-of tie in to that. In this origin (doesn't Catwoman have like, what, nine? haha.. I crack meself up!), Selina starts out as an often bitch-slapped-around street hooker with a cat / bondage /furry fetish. Hey, yo' gotta keep yo' bitches in line yknowwhati'msayin'? Eventually, after her hooker friends and Sister sister get caught up in the violence, she decides that enough is enough, gets some training from Wildcat then starts kicking ass. And showing ass. It's all good. Well, not the plot, or the dialogue, or the art particularily, but I'm all for the ass-showing.

This origin of Catwoman was retconned out of existence during DC's whole Zero Hour thing, which I've never read, believe it or not. I've been told that's a good thing, so I'm sticking with it. Losing this particular origin is kind of a shame because I'd be completely fine with Catwoman tying me up and calling me "Skunk:"

The safe word is 'Puddin'

Oh! Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks!

Y'know, this series was on my eBay sell pile, but I think I'll hold onto it. In spite of it being a pretty crappy comic, all told. Selling it would essentially retcon this version of the character from my collection. I'll keep it just for that, I think.

Never forget. Peace out!

(Insert some hip kissing the fingers salute thing here. Soup is street. Word to your mother.)

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