Heroes Hang-Up

Late post .. but I had a busy weekend (the doggies were featured in a little league baseball game! When, ... umm... they got loose and ran around the excited kids on the field during the early 7th inning before we could catch them. In hindsight, that was *extremely* funny) and tonight's Heroes re-start kept me occupied.

I take no phone calls during Heroes. I do nothing productive during Heroes. It's that good. Expect late Monday posts 'till the season is over.

Anyway, I promise not to reveal anything about the awesomeness that was this episode tonight, but I thought I'd share a bit about how clever this show is for those who actively follow it, to geek-level detail. And how this may be a big example in how "multi-media" is going to entertain us in the future.

A few years back, I remember a murder-mystery video game that promised a "real-world" experience in that it would text message you, email you, and all-together bug you to finish the game's mystery when not even on line... fill you with clues and hints, villian threats and calls for help during your real life. Fake companies working as covers faxing you their virtual shops' wares, characters IM'ing you... the whole lot. I thought that was a neat idea, but never tried it. Much like that Pirate joke, it probably would've driven me nuts.

Heroes does a bit of the same thing. Huge footprint, this show has ... and it knows its audience.

Being the curious geek that I am, wondered if the cover business on the show, Primatech Paper, was actually set up as a real on-line fan-lovin' cooperation. Click, and find out.

What the hell, I went to the "Applications" section and filled out an app. With my real email.

I got a message a few weeks later about how "We're sorry, all positions are filled, but we'll keep you in mind if ever any 'special' people are needed."

A few weeks after that, I got an email from Hanna. Hanna is the Cypher on the show who can talk to computers and read cyber-traffic through the air and has been slowly unraveling the thing from behind the scenes. The brief message was "you seem like you want answers. Contact me."

That was cool. Clicking on it, she let me in on a lot of things she was doing while not on camera to further her agenda. I sporadically get emails from her directing me to other sites that reveal a bit more of the mystery each time. She's like my little cyber conspiracy buddy. I'm waiting for an IM. This show has a huge footprint. It's awesome that way.

(Plus, she's hot. Hanna? Call me, K?!)

This is the way TV - well, entertainment - is going, I think. As the TV / Computer /Cell Phone barrier starts to disintegrate, you're going to see a lot more of this "active" participation entertainment. It's fun to watch it develop in its infancy. It's all going to be mushed together very soon - and all at hand-held convienience. Pretty soon, you'll be living this stuff, daily. Entertainment will soon include you directly in its broadcasts. Good or bad? Dunno. Close call.

And, I'm convinced that in some way, comics will follow - or merge. Digital print is the way to go, and the loss of physical paper comics is all but certain ... perhaps a new direction will strengthen the medium. But, it will take pioneers to make it work. New ones.

But no less of pioneers than the originals were.

And, hell.. Part of me would love to take an active part in Metropolis. Or Keystone. Or The City. Or Oracle's network. Or... pick your pleasure....

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