Greatest Team-Ups Ever

Tell me this idea wouldn't rock. In some strange universal DC cross-over event thingee. Somewhere where wacky fun and hard-core violence collide...

I am teh smart
Click to biggify. Really, this time. Honest.

I'm going to let this one lie right there. But no one alive can deny that a Jonah Hex / Ambush Bug team up would be Nine Shades of Awesome.


EDIT: I just noticed that clicking the image doesn't make it all that much bigger. I'm a dummy. I can't fix it while I'm at work, but if you open it with Windows picture viewer, the zoom works pretty well. I'll fix it later tonight.

EDIT x2: Seems I didn't have Photobucket's uploading options set to allow big pics. Fixed it. Now with big clicky image goodness!

EDIT x3: Sorry, but adding the antennas was just too funny to pass up. I should've thought of it earlier. But I'm slow like that. Takes me an hour to cook Minute Rice, y'know...

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SallyP said...

Can't type...laughing too hard!