Boogie Nights

Sorry for the delay - we had a birthday party to go to. And, because it involved several Roller Girls, it kinda stretched out the night and our sobriety. So, let's pick up with a quickie Spidey Stories goof-off after a day off. Eh, you get what you pay for...

This month's villain is Mysterio, a dude I've loved ever since I was a youngin'. Something about that character design is just so... Ditko. And by extrapolation... cool. No way around it, that costume rocks. If you could pull it off, that would completely kick ass at this year's Halloween party. It'd be quite the pain to negotiate with .. and drink .. and socialize.. and.. well, anything really. So, maybe I spoke too soon. You'd probably start to look forward to the end of the night when you can finally take that damn fishbowl off your head.

But, in the all-children's world of Spider Super Stories? He wears it all the time. Check it out:

Mysterio in disguise:


Mysterio in disguise:


And nobody bats an eye.

(He's undercover as "Mr. O." That's funny.)

I want to see more of Mr. O's adventures. Come to think of it, Mr. O wouldn't be a bad idea for a costume either...


Spidey doesn't like the nightlife. Doesn't like to boogie.

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SallyP said...

You know, Spidey may be quick with a quip, but not to recognice "Mister O"?