Swingin' 70s Party!

Everyone got your room keys handy? Then let's begin!

Ah... remember 1976? I do! And it honestly seems like just yesterday. Runaway inflation, problems just beginning with Russia, economy on the verge of stagflation, high gas prices, ... um..


Anyway, it was also our country's Bicentennial! My gosh, what a time! New quarters, patriotic flavors of Kool-Aid, SchoolHouse Rock, fireworks, parties... Wow, remember the parties! Our Spidey-Friends do!

Click for Party-Size!

Lockjaw's so cute! WURF!

(And, why is Medusa using her hands to hang that banner? It seems beneath her, somehow. No, I know the banner is above her.. oh, shut up!)

And fun is had by all! Whee! This, of course was before Captain America was shot and Spidey and Thor were reset. Oh! And before Paul the gorilla disemboweled Jennifer and had to be put down to make footstools, and Jarvis turned out to be a Skrull who plotted this whole thing while muttering, "Donuts love me." Or something.

Anyhoo, as these things are wont to do, the conversation soon turns to personal role models:

Oh Nooo! What will happen in the past!

Unfortunately, the rather beat-up copy I have of this issue leaves that bit of the adventure out. There is a barely legible scene where Kang, of all people, is beating up Sam Adams dressed as an Indian. Not Kang, Sam Adams. And not the "Thank you, come again!" Indians, the "Woo-Woo-Woo!" ones. Moving on.

We'll just have to imagine what happened to our heroes in 1776, I'm afraid. Though I do have the last panel...

Well, the 70's were a more swingin' time. Even in a kiddie book, apparently.

Bonus Electric Company Villain:

Someone remind me about these guys when I'm planning this year's Halloween costume. That's a party stopper, there.

(Though I think I like Dr. Fright better.)


Mr. Popular said...

Have you checked out this spiderman gem?

Sea_of_Green said...

Jeez-o-pete! When are they gonna reprint all of these Spidey comics in Essentials form? :-) Gotta have 'em!

Hoop skirts. Heh.

SallyP said...

Oh Kang just has to muscle in everywhere. He's pushy that way.

But...Betsy Ross?

Adam Barnett said...

Iceman totally ruined that cake.