Puns! Thor! Loki! Morgan Freeman!

Man, these are fun books! Bully needs to own them all! So do I, for that matter! Working on it...

This issue (#27) was noticeable because of the massive amount of puns in the first story. Seriously. The villain was Plantman and every panel (really .. EVERY panel) had some planty pun in it. Now, I've made my fair share of puns in the past .. some would say I live on them ... but after 10 panels of so where (again) EVERY ONE ends with a pun.. well, it kinda wears you out! I thought about scanning them all in here with a running counter, but I that would've taken 10 pages or so and a seriously long entry. Maybe some other time. It's worth seeing to believe.

In the meantime, let's all check in with the second story and see what kind of trouble Ol' Man Freeman has gotten our Spidey-friends into this time...

For those of you playing at home ... the winner in the "How long will it take Soup to make a bad One More Day reference while blogging about Spidey Super Stories comics" betting pool is whomever put money on "Wednesday."

(I like that the writers don't let you kiddies in on the actual spell... that's cute!)

Oh, and this issue had Thor, too!

OK .. let's stop right there. I didn't mess with it at this point at all, I swear!

Check out that last panel: Thor telling Asgardian stories over soda and candy with the kiddies?!? That's ... that's beautiful! See? I told you these books rock! Though I was really hoping Volstagg would be the soda jerk in the next scene...

OK, moving on!

OK, I did mess with that one. A bit.


Sea_of_Green said...

ROFLMAO! *Sea bursts into applause.*

Oh, THOR, Thor, Thor ...!

SallyP said...

Is he going to go there? Is he...YES! You did indeed use one of my favorite bits of dialogue from Neil Gaiman!

Victory is mine!