Open Apologies to CMNS Monday

Dear Adam,

I finally posted a new entry after a lengthy absence. A lengthy absence during which I can offer no excuses for my constant internet inactivity, quite frankly. But I'll give it a shot: It appears I was suffering from total physical inertia, absence of interest in my ambiance - what some bloggers call "environment" - a failure to respond to the conventional external stimuli - a ribald comment, a nice firm boobie, a power girl reference... To be blunt, I was in a rut. It's the old stockbroker syndrome, the suburban fin de siecle ennui, angst, weltschmertz, call it what you will...

It was moping... and I'll have to remember that. Anywhoo...

When I finally did post, it was simply a slightly off-putting Batman and Robin pose from a World's Finest cover. And nothing more. For this, I am deeply ashamed, and beg your forgiveness.

As you rightly pointed out, it would have been quite easy to take a further step with that cover and make a basic rudimentary joke. Quite simple, really. It was already there, waiting to be teased from it's comfort. If only I took the effort ... if only I took the care to provide you, dear reader, with even a half-hearted attempt at the sort of crudely photoshopped playground humor my quatrain of readers has come to expect.

Alas.. It seems I was still on vacation. Well, the naughty bits were at least. The creative naughty bits, I mean. Metaphorically creative naughty bits.

Seriously... look how easy this was:

10 Minutes Ago

20 Minutes Ago

Actually, ... I fell better now! Ahhh.....

So to you Adam, as well as anyone else I have offended with my inertia... My deepest apologies. I promise to be more diligent and boobies in the future.


(I could blame the new tattoo. Hurts like a bastich...)
(Monty Python reference written from memory. Yeah. I can do that.)


SallyP said...

Ah, that's what happens when you let people attack you with ink-filled needles! You lose your smut-filled sense of humor!

I'm glad you've managed to redeem yourself.

Sea_of_Green said...

For some reason I initially read "bastich" as "bostitch."

My GAWD, how that would hurt! ;-)

Glad to see you back to true, ornery form, Soup!