Vacation Over ... Back to Work!

... and we're back.

I'm convinced that "Vacation Free Time" does not exist. We've been on a (forced) 2 week one from work and ... well, Y'know all those things that you'll get done when you actually have the time to do them? Like reading and cleaning and blogging and camping and vacation stuff? Yeah... not so much. Goofing off tends to get in the way.

Not to say it hasn't been a bit nutty around here with visitors, guests, holidays and such ... so all things told, I haven't had much time to put together any wacky photoshops or general comic gripes. Actually, I just haven't had the motivation to. Sorry.

But.. we had a wonderful 4th - and I hope you all did too! The Boise fireworks show was surprisingly immense, and because the downtown city sits surrounded by mountains, we had a spectacular view of the performance.

Our young visitor is fitting in quite well and is constantly amazed that I can name all of the Teen Titans ("Which? The TV series, the original comic lineup, or the current roster?"), who does the voices for which character ("That's the dude who was Luke Skywalker. No, I'm totally serious. What?!? You dare doubt the Great and Powerful Geek-San?!?"), or that I have a room filled with comic books. Eh.. what can I say? Kids dig me. Part of me is kinda proud that he's now watching Doctor Who, Justice League and Firefly with us .. when he's not catching up on the re-runs.

Other than that, I've done my fair share of lounging around and getting some exercise touring the city on extended bike rides and dog walks and whatnot. I'm sure that tomorrow's return to work will plug me right back into the routine, though.

So, just a quick note to prove that I'm still here. Just got a bit carried away with my lounging.

Happy Summer!

Ah, World's Finest. Bringing you the finest in monthly the "WTF" comic covers since 1941!

I mean.. zoom in on Batman's face.. seriously.


Sea_of_Green said...

>>What?!? You dare doubt the Great and Powerful Geek-San?!?<<

That's one brave kid! ;-)

What's with the two chicks gawking at our World's Finest? Is that Vicki Vale and Lois Lane, out babysitting for our toddler-brained heroes?

'Course, I think we all know what's on Batman's mind. ;-)

SallyP said...

That is hilarious. No WONDER the girls are laughing.

Pere Ubu said...

I don't blame the kid. I STILL dobut that that's actually Mark Hamill, like, maybe it's someone named Mark Hamill but not the one from Star Wars.

About the only way I'd believe is to actually see Mark "Star Wars" Hamill switch between his voice and the Joker's. So don't be too hard on the rugrat.

Aaron Carine said...

I saw Mark Hamill do the Joker voice on the Daily Show back in the 90s.