Lifting Hoosiers

Turns out that most of my favorite blogs made up for my absence last week by posting some particularly strange and contextually funny panels, which I've been diligently copying to my "Future" folder in order to blatantly rip-off poke fun at a later date. Problem is, some of these are just too good posted directly as they were printed - the out of context giggles work best in the original ... umm.. context.

Solution? Mash 'em up.

zum Beispiel, Sea of Green had some big laughs with old Justice League Power Girl shenanigans... and Y'all know I can't resist embracing me some big Power Girl shenanigans.

See? That there's a euphemism. It's OK. I'll wait.

Anyway, in the space of a few days she posted two entries that nearly (and coincidentally) made a complete joke. Almost. Just needed a bit of a nudge.


Phyla can be Phun!

(Thanks, Sea!)
(And, wow.. is that ever ..umm.. quite the splash page!)


Sea_of_Green said...


Only YOU could get away with a joke about Clypeastroida, Soup. :-)

SallyP said...

I laughed till I cried. Oh that Aquaman. So practical.