Camping Time!

Tomorrow I'm heading out for another camping trip in the great Idaho mountains. Well, "camping" is probably stretching it a bit - I'm actually going to the Rock the Mountain heavy metal festival (Warning: Website sucks). Three days, 20+ local bands, and a whole lotta sunstroke. The whole thing is set up in some Idaho national forest or another, away from everyone... and I gotta tell ya, late nights in the mountains under the light-pollutionless stars are somehow even better with some anonomyous 20-year old monster-voicing a bad Slayer song in the background. If you're drunk.

Anywhoo, this time I'm bringing along the SexyNerdGirl and her Tagalong Troll (Hey! It's her nickname for him, not mine!) who really don't go camping much themselves. But, they'll have port-a-potties, a beer tap, showers, toilet paper, food trucks, and all kinds of "Camping: Not really" amenities available, so.. yeah.. it's should be pretty easy going. Just gotta remember to remind them to tip the massusse.

Actually, if I'm in line at the catering truck for a corporate sponsered $4 bratwurst and cup of Budweiser stadium beer while sipping on some bottled water at this thing, I probably won't be able to resist shouting out, "Whoo! Camping is SO METAL!! Whoooo! Who's up for a latte?!?" I'm hardcore like that. Yo.

Sigh. Pray for me.

So ... yeah. I'll be gone 'till Monday, possibly with appropriately censored photos. Which will probably look a lot like this:

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

"who really don't go camping much themselves"
Actually, this will be the Troll's FIRST TIME camping!
We should initiate him somehow.

/evil mommy grin/

Hey.. we're late.. let's pack the car and get on the road! (don't forget the kid)

Sea_of_Green said...


Have fun, you guys! Wave HELLO at Coeur d'Alene if you pass anywhere near there! :-)

SallyP said...

Aha! More drunken debauchery in the mountains. You're not going to wander off and have to be rescued by the Mounties again I hope.