Movie Madness

First things first:

Batman? Fuckin' Awesome.

Phew! OK, back to the crappy photoshops. On topic, even!

If you saw the movie (and really, I want to be your friend.. don't make it so difficult, yo), you'll love this one...

Hah! Hahahaha!!! I crack me up!
It was a good trick...

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Sea_of_Green said...

Awww, the Joker wouldn't REALLY pull the "disappearing pencil" trick on Harley, now, would he?

Well, come to think of it ... YES. Yes, he would. And she'd STILL be singing his virtues and calling him "Puddin'."

Yes, awesome movie. The Joker made me laugh -- and then I immediately felt guilty for laughing. Which is the effect the Joker SHOULD have.