Creepy Secret, Redux!

Sometimes an idea hits me while just going through other people's creativity.

Rachelle over at Living Between Wednesdays (a personal favorite comic blogs of mine, by the way) had a very funny write up of Lois Lane #89. Go read it. It's funny. I'll wait.

See? Told you it was funny!

Anyway, my favorite panel from the comic / post was this one:

Awesome. Creepy, but awesome.

I stared at that panel for a long time. How could I not? It's awesome! How creepy can Bruce get? And more importantly, can I kick the funny up a notch with some bad photoshop editing?

Hmmm... A shrine to Supergirl? Mary Marvel? ... nah.. not funny, just underage creepy. Superman? Too easy. Pied Piper? Too obscure. Catwoman? Too obvious. And not funny. James Gordon? Hmmm.. almost! Bat-Mite? Getting warmer...

Wait! I've got it!

I need a spare room

Tee hee.

When in doubt, pull out the Ambush Bug! Always money.


Siskoid said...

Ambush Bug rules.

I was myself obsessed with Irwin for a time... for a time...


SallyP said...

Proof at last, that Batman/Bruce Wayne has a SERIOUSLY kinky side to him.

The Mutt said...

Bueno. Excellente.

Eyz said...

This is awesome on so many levels XD
Well done!