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Because of the holiday, I decided to skip last week's Most Wanted ... wasn't much worth writing about, anyway. Plus, Saturday was my LCS' anniversary sale and I decided to just wait until then to get my weeklies.

So, I'm back - and actually, it turned out to be a pretty good haul! I initially narrowed down the books to about five that I was the most interested in. From those, I honestly had to think about which one I was really keen on reading first. And although Paul Dini doing a Zatanna/Batman story is intriguing, and although Buffy has turned into a really enjoyable series so far, I'm sticking to one that is the conclusion of a story arc I've been waiting four months for:

Jack of Fables #11
Writers: Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges
Artist: Steve Leialoha

Jack is a really fun title. I mean, a book that focuses on the daily schemes and exploits of the original Fables rogue, scoundrel and jackanape? What's not to love? As a character, Jack is fantastic. Craftier than the Riddler, more smug than Wolverine, a bigger womanizer than Hal, and a tougher talker than Guy, Jack must be a joy to write. You get a palpable sense of fun as you read. Without fail, this title always leaves me a little bit happier when I finish it than when I started.

This issue finishes the two part "Jack Frost" story arc, which Jack started narrating four issues ago. Confused? The last three issues have actually been a separate, unrelated arc, completely splitting this story in half, and leaving a cliffhanger that I've been waiting four months to resolve. In one of the funniest 4th wall moments I've read in a while, Jack explains the split:

Okay, so that bit with me and the Snow Queen, where I became Jack Frost? That one didn't end so good. Maybe I don't feel like finishing that one right now. I'll get back to it later. For now, try this other story on for size. It'll be more suspenseful that way. And anyway, they'll fix it in the trade.

That's funny, right there.

So, four months ago, Jack had connived his way from lowly servant to the Snow Queen's lover / confidant. Because he's Jack, that's how. After the Queen takes ill and is unable to make her yearly visit to the land of Autumn (see? that way, Autumn can visit Summer, Summer to Spring, etc.), Jack volunteers to go in her stead. Of course, he'll need the powers of the Snow Queen to properly bring winter...

Because he's Jack, the Queen agrees, Jack becomes Jack Frost with all the powers of a god, and in this issue he responsibly sets off to bring winter to the land that was formally Autumn so that everything remains good and proper, as it was, as it should be.

Nah, just kidding. He tries to get laid.

Jack heads to Autumn, but instead of doing whatever it is he's supposed to do there, he immediately tries to hook up with anything in a skirt. Having god-like powers should make for a great pick-up line, after all! The girls, however, don't particularly like the idea of a popsicle in the privates (Hi, Googlers!), and Jack gets rejected by the whole village, one girl at a time.

So, Jack being Jack, hatches a plan: Why not move on to the land of Summer, where the hot, sweaty ladies will certainly be more receptive! I'll bring winter to summer! They'll be all over me!

Best. Plan. Ever. It only gets crazier after that point.

Fantastic issue, and more fun than I thought it would be. Highly recommended.

Most Wanted Panel:

I absolutely love how Alice is interrupting the story by correcting his English. That's more than brilliant.

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SallyP said...

This was a brilliant issue. And for a minute or two, I was thinking "wait, wasn't this story started waaaaay back when?" In the meantime I'd forgotten there was another story between.

Gosh, Jack is SUCH a scoundrel.