On Waiting for Turtle-Boy

I'm probably one of the few, based on the many, many bad reviews, but I've actually been somewhat enjoying DC's Countdown - mainly because I know that it's all set-up at this point and can sort of see the distant road ahead. Not the particulars, not the road's destination, just if the road ahead is one I want to travel.

I could be totally proven wrong, but I'm giving it a few more week's to get out of the "set-up" mode and into full-fledged "major stuff's happening now!" mode before I drop it. I still hold out hope.

I (and again, this is probably just me) particularly like the Jimmy Olsen bits. We're starting to get a peppering of Silver-Age Olsen.. that's a good thing, and I hope we'll have a lot of fun with that arc. Hopefully, we'll see his whole wacky history touched on before it ends... I mean, the dude's done everything, if you think about it! Everything. He could teach us a lot. Seriously:

"... kids!" Kids!! She meant to finish with "Kids!" Ran out of room! (Honestly!)

Jimmy Olsen: Pimp.


SallyP said...


Seriously though, I don't mind Countdown, it helps to fill the weekly void left by 52. I've come to rather enjoy getting a book every week. Since Mary Marvel is apparently going to show up in black, does that mean she gets her new powers from Black Adam?

I can hardly wait to see what new lameassed power Jimmy is going to demonstrate.

Adam Barnett said...

I haven't read 52, though it's sitting in my pile. I like to read these big events all at once. What's wrong with Countdown?

SallyP said...

I LIKE Countdown. It's just that everytime I read a review, everyone is saying how boring it is. Which is why it is refreshing to read your point of view.

FoldedSoup said...

Most reviews I've read dislike the pacing (somewhat agree, but I have the feeling that it's supposed to start slow and snowball to whatever big finish happens), could care less about the main characters (cast is going to expand - but c'mon! Jimmy Olsen! Fourth World!), and have a lot of problems with the numerous continunity mistakes (for example, should Jimmy and Perry really know that Tim Drake was an ex-Robin? That's important info. I agree with this one, but I guess I'm willing to overlook them).

Currently, I don't think it's horrible (as I've read in a few reviews), or great (haven't read that anywhere), but somewhere in the middle. Let's call it "curiously interesting so far." I really can't help the feeling that it's going to start really piling things on soon.

This will probably read better when finished in trade format. But, I'm like Sally - I just like a continuous weekly story for whatever reason. And this one's decent enough.