Hey! How about that! Post #100! Yay! Who'da thunk it?

And, after checking the stats I'm happy to post that I'm the current number one Google search for "Supergirl Upskirt!" Ah, my purpose. It's all falling into place...

I'm also 4th for "Dominatrix Tales!" Yay!

(Hi, Googlers!)

So, anyway Soup! What do you feel like posting tonight? What it being a special entry and all?

Well, disembodied questioner, the same thing I post (nearly) every night....

Badly Photoshopped and tastelessly juvenile humor based on old comic book covers!

Ah! But why not go for a theme and use some comic's issue #100? Y'know? To go with your 100th post?

Who let Aquaman in this foursome? Was Hal busy? Seriously!

Yep. Future's lookin' good.

(Tell me you wouldn't put down your hard-earned 15 cents for that issue. Seriously.)


SallyP said...

Oh great, now I just woke up my dog, laughing.

Hey wait a minute...if it's KRYPTONIAN Klap, wouldn't it be Superman who was giving it to Lois? He's just going for the best defense is a good offense ploy!

SallyP said...

Oh, and you've been tagged, you filthy degenerate.

Adam Barnett said...

soup, I feel somewhat responsible for your blogging since I encouraged you to continue when you were about to hang it up. however, I'll never admit it in court.

FoldedSoup said...

Adam Heh. Yep. Thanks, though..

Sappy D'Oh! OK, I'll do the 8 sometime later tonight.