Not a particularly humorous post, but it's been a rough, long day and apparently I've been "tagged" by Sally (whom I mistakenly referred to as "Sappy" in my hastily typed reply last post. Sorry 'bout that!), and am therefore bound to reply with 8 facts about me not already widely known.

That's only about half of the rules to this thing, but I really can't tag 8 other people who haven't already been tagged before, seeing as how that's pretty much my weekly hit total. Anyway, thanks to Sally for the consideration!

Ok, then! On me:

1) I own 4 mandolins, 5 guitars, 2 saxophones (1 alto, 1 soprano), a clarinet, and more misc. random instruments that can fit in my closet. I can even play some of them quite well, thank you very much! I sing passably, have been in more than my share of garage bands, and still find time to drunkenly embarrass myself from time to time attempting Karokee at the random bar.

2) I routinely fall asleep while watching cartoons. I think it has affected me in strange ways over the years. I don't know this to be a fact, but it would explain a lot. And that's half the battle.

3) I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes. My best time is under 20 seconds. Yes, I was one of *those* kids in the 70s. I'm pretty good at Elevator Action, too.

4) I was once lost in the Idaho wilderness for 3 days and had to eventually be helicoptered out. I credit my dogs with saving my life to this day. They got steak. It's quite a story, actually.

5) I frequently carry dinosaur teeth in my pocket. It's particularly fun to explain at airport checkpoints.

6) I am absolutely horrible with directions, noticing landmarks, keeping my bearings, etc. See (#4) above. I frequently make what should be a 20 minute drive into a 2 hour "Where the Fuck is that street?!?!" It's so bad that my co-workers actually chipped in to buying me a GPS a few years ago. Seriously.

7) I love bad movies / bad television / bad comics / bad computer games. MST 3K was a Godsend to me. Groaning humor makes me giggle. This is probably not a surprise to anyone reading this and following what I try to pass off as the funny.

8) I hope to never grow up.

Well, that's it! And please, Ladies? No stalkers.

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SallyP said...


Your love of MST3K has saved you from my wrath. Well that, and being musical.

Oh, and congratulations on making it out of Idaho alive.