Heh. Sloppy. Well I liked it, anyway...

Sorry - still recovering from another "I can't believe it" weekend, and had to do a quickie. Still.. Oh, Lightray! You nut, you!

Bonus Quick joke about my weekend: This time around I was hanging out with a girl that - for the life of me - I couldn't remember her name. And she knew it. And I really really should've. So, most of the evening, I faked it, looking for a clue. You know how sneaky guys are. After we eventually headed back to her place, I happened to pass her kitchen counter complete with a pile of unopened bills. Bingo!

So, my drunken ass actually tried this:

Her: Are you looking through my mail?!?
Me: Ummm.. no way! .... So anyway, (quickly glancing at topmost bill) what do you feel like doing tonight, Occupant?

She laughed. See, I'm cute enough to get away with that kind of thing. Sometimes.

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