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Another Wednesday, another week's worth of new comic goodness in my grubby li'l hands! As usual, I'm doing a little write-up on what is my most looked-forward to issue, based simply on the cover, whatever foreknowledge I may have on it (and I tend to shy away from spoilers), and my own strange tastes. I'm also trying not to do back-to-back issues, which eliminated Criminal right off the bat this week. Though that one is really intriguing.

So, instead of a tightly scripted and all-around brilliant piece of taught, almost delicate crime drama, I'm going with a book guaranteed to kick me in the arse:

The Boys #8
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Darick Robertson

Garth Ennis is a writer that can't seem to script anything that isn't over-the-top ... or rather, under-the-gutter in his case. The guy thrives on one-upping himself. Some writers have a style that tends to revolve around a certain emotion or theme: humor, suspense, hate, change, love, redemption, etc.. Ennis seems to use bad taste. And humor. He appeals to that part of you that laughs at Helen Keller jokes. This is not a bad thing (heck, right up my street!), and indeed, when that's understood, it's easy to see where he'd fit in. Stick him on the Punisher? Brilliant! Hellblazer? Genius! Personally, I love for him to write Lobo, Joker, or Ambush Bug.

The Boys is Ennis being Ennis. It's not heady, it really isn't very deep, it's just ... well, fun! It's perfectly suited for him, and I've enjoyed it immensely. Then again, it's my kind of humor.

This issue simply furthers the plot that was set up since the last two issues - basically a Batman-esque character being unable to resist his .. umm urges, I suppose. A murder gets tossed into to the mix which brings him to The Boys' attention. Things build up nicely, and we have fewer *ugg!* moments (I think) than since the series began. There's a few great moments of character development, and a nice ... well, it's not a cliffhanger, per se.. but a great starting point for the next issue.

Most Wanted Panel:
Sorry this one's so short. This week's killing me at work. Oh well, you get what you pay for!

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