Couldn't Resist

You must know by now that whenever I use that phrase, you're in for things like this:

I really should've added an additional thought bubble (possibly making fun of Chester being a potential molester. Nah, too easy) ... but it's Friday, and It's weekend-lazy time.

And, Hey! Free Ice Cream!

(And what's up with Clark's blue shoes?)
(Boobies from JLA #10, of course.)
(And what does that "camera" actually do, anyway? The mind boggles!)

Have fun this weekend, kiddies!


SallyP said...

Chester DOES seem a bit bemused, doesn't he?


Anonymous said...

Take your hand out of your pocket so we can see what you're doing with it, Chester.

FoldedSoup said...

Nice one, Anon! Didn't even notice that!

..and in hindsight.. Instead of "Power-" I should've used "Boobies-"

Reads funnier.