Just a Still Town Girl on a Saturday Night

I just finished Countdown #47. You know, the one with the Mary Marvel exploding boobie cover? Yeah, well aside from that, something was real familiar with it to my (albeit, very strange and easily distracte... Hey! Hiya, puppy!) head. It reminded me of something else.. couldn't quite place it, but something real familiar...

Figured it out:

Dance! Dance your little Steel-Town Heart out! Dance, I say!

Surprised it didn't come to me sooner...

I just realised that my third sentence implies that I've encountered exploding boobies before now. I'm not taking it back.

Bonus - Behind the Scences: My first attempt at the funny was an off-panel PETA member throwing blood on her for wearing leather. This one's much better.

(I crack myself up, sometimes.)

(Yeah, I could've spent another hour prettying up the water in the shower down part, but that body spash effect took *way* too long by itself. Also, I thought about adding lyrics, musical notes, a tossed back chair, etc. But, eh.. you'll get the joke as it is now or you wouldn't at all.)

EDIT: Awww.. screw it.. added the lyrics. Even better now.

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SallyP said...

Awesome. Just darned awesome.