Cheap Jokes Monday

Feelin' a bit under the weather today, (trust me - you don't want any details. Suffice it to say that my scrubbing bubbles are working overtime...) so in lieu of a real post, here's a ribald quickie and an out of context funny. Because, let's face it, we all love toilet humor and bad comics innuendo. Laugh with me! HAHAHA!

Over the weekend the Roller Girl and I went to our local dollar store looking for cheap household supplies, as is our wont. The cashier had just about finished ringing everything up* when I noticed something on the impulse rack, immediately grabbed it and tossed it into the basket. RG asked me what it was:

Me: One of those magic towels that they compress into the size of a quarter until you soak it in hot water and PRESTO! Instant washcloth! They're kinda fun for a minute or so. These are planet of the solar system themed.
RG: Oh? Which one did you get?
Me: You've been dating me HOW long?!?
RG: ... Y'know, I knew the answer as the question was leaving my lips. *Sigh*

Among the witticisms currently being yelled from my morning showers:

"Sweetie? Where did you put the towel for Uranus?"
"I need your opinion - should I dirty up the guests towels, or Uranus?!?"
"Hey!! I think this towel is dirty. There's a something crusty on Uranus."
"Wow! The warm water really makes Uranus grow!"
"HAHA! You know what sticks to the wall if you soap it up enough?!? ... ??? Sweetie?!? ... Ya wanna know?!? ... Hello...??"

Or variations on that theme. We're all about class here at Casa De Soup!

And speaking of classy, here's the best out-of-context comic balloon you'll read this week**:
Yes, Superman. Be very, very glad.

* By the way... The cash register at the DOLLAR STORE (Y'know where everything has the SAME PRICE) was full-sized with a full-sized keyboard that sported about 50 keys. Between the cashier, RG and myself, I'm the only one that thought this was funny. So much so that I was laughing as I asked what all those other keys were for. Y'know.. in a DOLLAR STORE.

** Unless you read CMNS.


Sea_of_Green said...

That's why when talking about the planet, I always go with a Greek pronunciation: "Oor-ah-noos." ;-)

I wanna know whose finger that is!

SallyP said...

Oh toilet humor, where would we be without you?

And I must say that I'm AWFULLY glad that I don't work in a Dollar Store.

Adam Barnett said...

heh.... that was pretty good. I'd say it's only polite to start with a finger before going with the fist, but then again, I was raised a gentleman.