Dandy Friday

Now sickness free!

...well, almost. Still fuzzy-headed from all the sinus meds. But lucid enough to post another panel from Capt'n Crossdresser and Fopish Boy:

Take another look at Cap, there in the first panel. That's amazing.

Doesn't actually instill fear in the criminal underworld though, does it?

Happy weekend, everyone!


Baal said...

Okay, so even when alone when there was zero chance of Cap and Bucky being exposed as men disguised as women, they stayed in drag? They lounged about in drag? Wow. You know what? That image made it shrink worse than cold water.

SallyP said...

Actually I love that first scan of Cap sitting there smoking his pipe and with his legs crossed in the skirt. Beautifully done. And hey, the BEST spies, stay in character!

But I imagine that poor Bucky must be getting awfully tired of that suit.

And I'm glad that you're finally over your cold.

Sea_of_Green said...

Perhaps Cap would have remained a much more effective super-hero had he remained in drag. Captain Grandma RULES!!!!!!