Initially Unintentional Betty Week Continues!

Everyone remember their high school science fair? Boy, I do! I once proved that computer generated random numbers are not, in fact, truly random! Science!! Whee!!! In hindsight, this proof would have been a lot more useful:

C'mon.. we all knew Veronica swung that way!
...not to mention the research and multiple testing involved. And the need to have a reliable control group. Science!!

Speaking of high school, SexyNerdGirl has talked me into attending some kind of "Adult Prom" radio event thing this weekend. I anticipate a lot of drinking and carousing while grooving to late 80s alt-rock radio schlock.

Prediction? Umm... Finest Worksong, Lovesong and 99 Red Balloons in heavy rotation.

Oh, and I'm in charge of my own formal wear.

She doesn't have the slightest idea of what she's in for. Really.

(Pictures? Possibly...)

By the way ... if you haven't already checked out Evan Dorkin's new Milk and Cheese strip... well, bad things might happen to you. It's funny.
Bonus: Furries. Lots of 'em.

(You totally read "Adult Porn" up there, didn't you?)


SallyP said...

I...I can't help but wonder where Betty got the human brain that is sitting there so casually.

Oh, and enjoy your party. Heh.

Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, you and SexyNerdGirl have a great weekend, Soup! :-)