16 Bit Graphic Naughtyness

No time to post a long construction - It's turned into a gorgeous day and I've got a hankering for a long bike ride in the park. Make that an Ol' fashioned canine bike pull if I take the doggies. Or, as I like to call it, an Urban Iditarod.

So here's a Betty quick joke. But don't worry ... it's a naughty Betty quick joke...

Yes, Betty. Yes you can.

(Kinda gives me a craving for Old School Leisure Suit Larry. Maybe I'll download that old classic for later...)

(And check out the other girl 's reaction... Sly? Wry? Sardonic? Impish?
Mischievous? Anticipatory? That face makes the joke, I think.)

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SallyP said...

Wait...you can find porn on a computer? Why, I'm SHOCKED! Who knew?