Thill Thick. Thoot me dow.

Well, still sick. This sucks. Time to re-med.


But before I pass out, I can at least post some more wacky cross-dressing exploits from Captain Dandy and Li'l Boy Foppinshire.

I really must get a better copy of this story.


Heh... straighten out once gay Paris. In those get-ups. That's funny.


Sea_of_Green said...

ONCE gay Paris? ONCE?!?!?!

Not to worry, though -- Captain Grandma will save the day!

Geez, these are too darned funny. Almost makes me want to go out and find some Golden-Age Captain America stories!

SallyP said...

Oh poor once-gay Paris. If only Cap could STRAIGHTEN it out.

It's funny, I really don't remember Bucky being quite that short.