Who Watches the Classmates

Well, they released another teaser image from the upcoming Watchmen movie. I gotta say, I'm real impressed with it:

I have a love / hate relationship with these things. I know deep down in my cynical heart of hearts that the movie will fall drastically short of my (admittedly, very high) expectations towards any attempt to put Watchmen to film. But then something like this gets released that makes my heart grow a few sizes larger and I find myself really wanting this thing to succeed. Though it won't. Not to me. Prove me wrong, Mr. Snyder - please.

Anyway, because of the spammy ads in the corner of the site where I first saw the Minutemen photo, you get these:

Now sleep time.


Sea_of_Green said...

*Bursts into applause."


Siskoid said...


So they're including the Minutemen backstory? Wow, how dense IS this thing going to be?

SallyP said...

Gosh! I feel trepidation combined with hope. Actually, I feel that way every time I walk into my beloved local Comic Book Shoppe.

But what a FABULOUS High School Reunion.