She Puts the 'O' in Flora

Well, I'm off to the mountains for a few days of rest and dogplay - and to prove to everyone that I can actually go on a camping trip that doesn't involve news crews, search parties, and National Guard helicopters. I'll try and squeeze out some photos while I'm there.

In the meantime, here's the strangest, most over-the top, WTF?!? page you'll ever come across in a kiddiebook:

Click for Miracle Grow

Yes. It's exactly what it looks like. The next page has a panel where Ivy's leaving the forest thinking, "Ooh, that felt good..."

You can find this gem within the pages of the Harley and Ivy 3-issue series, helpfully reprinted this week, along with an additional story, in handy trade format. It's well worth your $15. Paul Dini uninhibited, writing his two favorite spank objects ladies.

Yes, I'm know it's not supposed to be an all-ages book. I mean, there's a shower AND underwear scene in EVERY ISSUE. For both girls. It's intentionally, unabashedily ribald and fanboyish. It's just that the animation-style artwork makes it appear as if it's aimed towards a much younger audience. That makes it the funny:

Daddy? Why is Poison Ivy all wet here?

Hmm? Let me see.... which panel?... GAAAHH!


SallyP said...

Holy Guacamole! That Ivy definitely has her kinky side.

Oh and have fun camping, and try not to get lost. Or abducted.

Anonymous said...

If ytou get abducted, remember:

Steal their stuff and vow vengence.

They'd do the same to you, and how else are you gonna become a superhero/criminal?