Safe and Sound

Back from camping - without incident! (Well.. a nasty case of sunburn, damn my pasty-white Irish hide!) The Idaho mountains, which really is most of Idaho, are absolutely gorgeous and part of the reason I moved out here. Getting to spend a weekend alone in them is an amazing, reflective experience. I'm exhausted, dirty, sick of secondary camp food options (what should have been an excellent steak and potatoes meal turned out far less so after a grill malfunction, and I ended up just giving it to the doggies who were less than thrilled), and refreshed for another soon-to-be very busy work week.

But - The photos! I have photos! Be jealous!

First off, understand that this isn't a campground. This is me driving old logging roads to follow the middle fork of the Boise river looking for a good turnoff trail that may lead to a decent place to set up tent. That's typical around here where everyplace (especially in Boise national forest) is a good campground. I found a particularly good one: back up against the river, good shade (sunburn aside), nobody around for miles, and one heck of a view. See for yourself:

View right outside my tent.

Right behind that tree line was the river:

Doggies love the river.

And at dusk, with the first star of the evening:

Or, it might have been Venus. I'll have to check.
(My camera's not good enough to get a decent full-on starlight panorama shot. At least, I didn't know how to set it up. But WOW! Were there a lot of stars visible! Full view of the milky way cutting across the sky and everything! Suck it, city folk!)

But, typically, it looked like this:

That cooler is full of snacks, that cup is full of bourbon, there was baseball on the radio, and there's a big ol' pile of comics on top. The ultimate couch potato!

Wonderful time, all in all. But still, good to be back!!

"Hey, Sarah? How'd you like your dinner?"

Tomorrow: The start of my very first theme week!

Badass?!? Durn Tootin'!


SallyP said...

Those are awfully purty mountains, dadgummit! Sorry about your steak. But there are certainly worse ways to spend a weekend.

Adam Barnett said...

my dog emma looks just like your shepherd mix... aren't they the coolest?

FoldedSoup said...

Nearest I can tell, she's got a lot of Border Collie in her. She certainly is smart enough. Spooky smart.

(She normally looks much more like a border collie. That's just her annual Summer shave-down. Shaggy black dogs do not like the Idaho desert heat.)

SallyP said...

Heh. Border collies ARE smart. Our family dog was a Border Collie when I was a kid. He died years and years ago, and I still miss him.