Kal Kame Back

If you've never wondered about the sheer torture that Martha Kent went through raising a super-baby, you have no heart.

He's  never gone! See!

This one reminded me of one of my favorite childhood songs, "The Cat Came Back."

And heck, here it is! In all it's Canadian animated glory!

More Popsicles now! And, heck... one for the doggies, too! Damn heat.


SallyP said...

Did...did she really dress a toddler up in a wee little cape and tights? And let him wander about completely alone, in a Kansas that apparently is littered with deadly kryptonite?

And I thought I was a crazy mother.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the cape and tights are invincible and don't get dirty.
Saves on washing and mending, leaving more time to plan baby ditching.