Lois Lane: Clueless

I was looking through some old Lois Lane comics (Yes, Ladies! I'm single!) and came across this beauty of a cover:

Did Woody Allen write this?

Yes, that's about as awesome of a Lois Lane "Buy me to see what's going on!" romance cover as you can get, considering that Superman has not only married Lois Lane (old hat), but he has adopted his cousin, who honestly seems pretty stoked with the whole idea. (*shudder*) Bonus: You just know Lois is going to tear off into a Catastrophic Jealous Lois Freak-Out at some point during the story. I can only hope it involves a Kryptonite frying pan.

Props to my man 'Supes for the strategic positioning of the newspaper, though. Been there, done that. Lois never saw a thing. Smooth, Bro!

I know I have to filter this through the innocence of those Wacky Silver Age Stories, but - seriously?!? Did this one totally get a pass? And if this, like most LL comics, was really targeted to teenage girls, was the dilemma, "Now that he's adopted a fellow Kryptonian, someone who (*choke*) is more like him and better than me ... someone who is ... (*sob*) prettier and younger than me... (*sob*) what chance do I have of keeping him?"

"I....I...I'm still happy. I am. I'm happy! Hap..(*choke*)..py!"

That's a great cover. Man, I love old Lois Lane comics! (Hi, Ladies!)

Anyhoo..., because Lois seems a bit more clueless than usual on this one, and because it's absolutely, positively begging for a joke ... here we go!

Betcha thought I was going to really dirty that one up, didn't ya?

(ehh.. believe it or not, a "Superman Supergirl Lois threeway" Google image search is surprisingly barren. Huh. Funny, that!)

(Hi, Googlers!)

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SallyP said...


Yes, old Lois Lane comics just BEG for comment, don't they? The only thing that would make it better, would be to have Lana lurking in the background. A Menage a'Quattre!