It Just Came to Me. Really. Dang Brain!

OK, I apologize in advance. But you will laugh. Oh, yes.

And, honestly... How can I not let that new Mary Jane statue-thingy go un-challenged! Really! S'not my fault! Staring at it sorta triggered the conversation.

And stare I did.

(wait for it...)

Sometimes you just have to look upon your works and say quitely to yourself. "Yes. Yes, you did good. Laugh again."

I like to think these two have sit-com-ish conversations.

Oh! Before I forget! Congratulations to Mr. Alan Moore and Mrs. Melinda Perry Gebbie, who tied that knot this last weekend. Presumably some kind of strange mind-fuck was involved with the vows and the ceremony. Would've loved to have seen that. Anyway.. best of wishes to a man who not only is .. well, ALAN FUCKIN' MOORE, but had the absolute fantastic taste of having everyone involved wearing what could be the best wedding ensemble ever.

If you're gonna do it, do it in style! Looking great, man!

(link goes to Neil Gaiman's camera phone shots / blog entry. Fantastic! Good luck to ya both!)

(And Heroes is gonna be a bloodbath tonight...)


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FoldedSoup said...


I make no apologies!

(Tell me that dialog doesn't totally fit her expression...)

SallyP said...

It's true, it does make an odd sort of sense now. But still...!